How The Queen Send Secret signals To Her Staff And What They Mean


Centuries ago, women use to communicate secretly to their friends and possible suitors through the language of fans. Certain fan movements meant certain things, and eventually, a whole language was invented for the task.

It appears as if the Queen has taken a lesson from history as she too, has created a secret language to communicate to her staff.


But instead of using a fan, she uses her handbag.

It’s rare to see the Queen without her trusty Launer handbag. But it turns out to be more than an accessory. It has a much more important use, and no, it’s not just for holding her spectacles while attending official engagements.

According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, the monarch uses her bag to send secret signals to her staff. She does this to indicate when she’s ready to move on from a conversation.


According to Hugo, whenever she shifts her bag from one hand to the other, it means the Queen is ready to end a chat.

Also, if the Queen places her bag on a table during an event, it means she’s ready to leave.


Another secret signal involves a discreet twist of her wedding ring. This is done to inform her staff that she’d like to move from the conversation quickly.

‘It would be done very nicely. Someone would come along and say, “Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you”.

According to Hugo, if the Queen is keen to leave the conversation, she would make the significant gesture of twisting her wedding ring.



The Queen also has a discreet buzzer that she uses. It’s only used during official meetings at Buckingham Palace. It gives her staff the nod to open the doors and accompany the guest out.

It’s previously been revealed that when the Queen places her bag on the table at an event, it’s a five-minute warning to her ladies-in-waiting that she’s ready to leave.  

The use of a bag to communicate with her staff is an effective and subtle way of going about her Royal Duties.


But the Queen is not the only one who uses her handbag as more than an accessory.

The Duchess of Cambridge always carries a clutch bag for a very particular reason.

She revealed that Kate, 35, often ‘holds her bag in front of her in both hands when shaking hands might be awkward’.


The contrast between the Queen and Kate is very different as the Queen holds her bag over her left arm. This is so her right arm is free to greet people.

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