People Reveal The Funniest Conversations They’ve Ever Overheard

People Reveal The Funniest Conversations They’ve Ever Overheard


We know that eavesdropping is wrong, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

You could be sat too close to them not to overhear their conversation, or they could just be speaking louder than expected.

So if you accidentally hear something, were you really eavesdropping?

Here are some of the funniest conversations people have ever heard.



I was on the train heading to work when a middle-aged guy wearing a suit starts talking on the phone to someone who was supposedly a ‘business partner.’

After a bit of smalltalk, he started talking with a loud, obnoxious voice telling this man that, “I think we can both make around 3 million on this deal. But that’s nothing compared to the contract I signed last month! Hah!” Or “the wife wanted new tint on our BMW so that’s at the workshop, and I had to take the train.”

The train was moderately full, so obviously he was getting a few looks from other passengers. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy being the centre of attention.

And then, at the most hilarious moment possible, his phone actually started to ring. He quickly declined the call and starting looking around to see if anyone was looking, which we all were. You could see the whole world collapse in front of him.

It’s safe to say that the train burst out with laughter, and this man’s face went more red than I thought humanly possible.

A few people made little comments as he hurried off at the next stop, but my personal favourite was from a young guy who shouted “best of luck with the deal! And I hope your wife enjoys the new tint!”


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I was standing in line at the store when I heard two old ladies talking.

“I bet I’m older than you.”

“Yeah? I just had my 75th birthday.”

The first woman grinned.

“I’m 89 years old.”

“Wow! You don’t look a day over 70.”

“I color my hair,” she said, pointing to her roots.

I smiled. I can’t wait for the day when the phrase “you don’t look a day over 70” is a compliment.



I was standing behind a lady in Starbucks, in LA. She orders unnecessarily complex coffee with whipped cream and a bunch of bagel bites. Then she asks for a small cup of milk. “”Make sure it’s whole milk. Not 2%.”

“Ok, sure. Would you like that in your drink, instead of the soy milk?” (continued…)



People Reveal The Funniest Conversations They’ve Ever Overheard

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