People Share The Worst Customer Service They’ve Ever Experienced

People Share The Worst Customer Service They’ve Ever Experienced


Good customer service is a must when your out shopping.

It makes the whole experience more special and relaxed.

All it can take is one rude shop assistant to ruin your trip.

Here are some of the worst examples of customer service people have ever experienced.


I’ll give you the story of a racist gas station attendant and my father’s revenge:

On a long road trip Mom badly needed to pee, so Dad pulled into a gas station and Mom ran inside asking where the restroom was. The attendant told her “around back” so Mom hot-footed it outside and to the back of the store, only to find the door padlocked.

A little ticked off that he didn’t say something before, Mom went back inside and asked for the key. The attendant told her “We can only give the restroom key to store customers.” Aching at this point, Mom ran out to the car and told Dad the situation, he was already pumping some gas and when he was done he paid with a credit card at the pump. “There, now you’re a customer.”

Mom ran back inside and asked the attendant for the key. “I’m sorry Ma’am, but that man outside paid for the gas, you didn’t. Maybe you could buy some tacos? Or burritos? Habla Ingles?” (My mom is part Native American but the guy was mistaking her for Mexican)

Mom is not a confrontational person. She went back to the car and tearfully told Dad she could hold it. Dad asked why she still hadn’t gone to the bathroom and raged when he heard what the attendant had said.

Dad was 6’9, heavily tattooed, and weighed 400 pounds. The attendant meekly handed over the restroom key. Meanwhile Dad bought a Big Gulp (actually, I don’t think he ever paid for it) and downed it in 3 sips while glaring at the attendant.

When Mom came out of the restroom, Dad told her to sit in the driver’s seat and keep the car running. They pulled up to the front door of the gas station and Dad stepped outside, unzipped his pants and peed all over the glass and floormat.

Dad loved telling that story. Mom, not so much.




I had a waiter walk off while I was in the middle of my order.



Husband and I were interested in upgrading our iPhones with our provider. He was up for an upgrade 5 months before me. They won’t let me upgrade when he upgrades, and say I have to wait the 5 months. OK, fine, whatever. Well, when he upgraded he also opted to change his number because we had moved across the country and he wanted one that would now be local. Because we were on a family plan, they insisted that I also had to change my phone number. There was absolutely no way I could keep my old phone number. OK, annoying, but whatever.

So when the 5 months is up, I go in to upgrade my phone. I’m told…(Continued)



People Share The Worst Customer Service They’ve Ever Experienced

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