15 People Share A Time Where A Drunken Family Member Revealed A Family Secret

15 People Share A Time Where A Drunken Family Member Revealed A Family Secret


Most families have secrets, but we quite often don’t find out about these ‘secrets’ until years later.

Here are a few family secrets that got revealed when someone got a little bit too drunk.


That we didn’t visit my grandfather for 10 years because he had pissed off the Russian mob and they threatened to murder my family.



This weekend we drove two hours to visit my wife’s cousin to see her new place. We aren’t even close, but my wife and I both thought that it would be nice to finally get to know this cousin outside of family gatherings.

We were expecting to see her new baby, but knew her husband was out fighting the forest fires.

There was no baby, she said he was with grandma so we all could have fun. Okay, cool.

She was so happy to see us. We were surprised, because we don’t know her that well, but she was so sweet and happy that everything was great.

So she starts drinking, I mean, we all do, but she really starts drinking.

She reveals through the night that the child isn’t just being babysat, but he’s actually in his grandmother’s care because as it turns out this cousin is depressed, suicidal, and thought about taking her son with her, so she called the police on herself.

I’m so glad she made that call, but everyone else in our family is furious at her for being such a burden. My wife and I have worked with unstable people before, and this is a pretty sad yet common reaction to cries for help.

Now she’s isolated with literally zero people around her for weeks at a time because everyone hates her for calling the police on herself.

Again, nobody cared enough to tell my wife and I that this was going on.


This girl has literally no friend in the world and is all alone all day every day. She just needed the liquid courage to reach out.

The next morning, she wakes up, still plastered, and tells us she’s ready. She asks us to take her to the emergency room so that she can get checked in, because she wants to die. Outpatient therapy isn’t working.

So we ask her to text her husband and tell him what’s up, but there’s no way we aren’t going to take her; this was a very real cry for help.

So we took her to the ER where she sobered up, and I helped her get herself checked in. By this time my wife and I knew what this was because postpartum depression is big in my family.

I stayed with her in the room and helped encourage her to answer honestly, I got in contact with her mom and then wife and I went back to her home and cleaned it up when the deputy or whatever drove cousin to the in patient therapy.

After getting her checked in we received all types of nasty messages asking about what “that stupid woman” did now. We didn’t respond. When we got home my wife’s mom (who also didn’t know about all of this) asked us why she had been receiving emails and phone calls all day, and we told her.

Turns out my wife is this girl’s only Facebook friend. We both just feel so sad that this girl has had to go through this much without anyone actively trying to help her. They all just punished her for being broken.

Some people see a scared and mentally unstable girl as nothing but a problem, and wants them to just disappear. I’m so sad for her, but I’m glad we decided to visit.



My dad got drunk when I was a teenager and said, “You know, I asked your mom to abort you when I found out she was pregnant. I wasn’t ready to have kids and she lied to me about being on birth control.”

Awesome. Thanks for that special memory, Dad.

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15 People Share A Time Where A Drunken Family Member Revealed A Family Secret

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