People Share Stories Of The Most Publicly Overbearing Parents They’ve Ever Come Across

People Share Stories Of The Most Publicly Overbearing Parents They’ve Ever Come Across


Being a parent is tough.

Despite the countless books on how to be a good parent, there are no set rules on the subject.

But sometimes parents take this as an excuse to be ruthlessly overbearing in the name of parenting.

Here are some awkward scenarios with overbearing parents.


When I was about 14 at a water park, playing in the kids area, I went down a tube slide. So I obviously couldn’t see what was going on at the bottom. As I went down a little girl walked literally right in front of it, causing me to crash into her. Her mother, seeing this, ran over and yelled at ME, telling me to “watch where I’m going!”

Woman, its a slide, there’s only one way to go.



I knew a girl who, as a teenager, went running with earplugs in. Out of nowhere she gets attacked by someone from behind, a bag gets put over her head, and she gets forced into a van. After crying, screaming and peeing herself over being driven away, the van stops. Her mom opens the door and says, “That’s what you get for running with headphones on! You can’t hear what goes on behind you!”




I was waiting in line at Kohl’s and there was a newborn behind me. I personally LOVE babies and I could look at them all day, but since this was in public I was minding my own business and just took a quick glance at him. As soon as he saw me he gave me a huge smile! When the mother saw what had just happened she took him and her stuff to the next line over, in a huff.



I was in the queue at the bank and in front of me was a lady with her grandson in a pram. The boy (maybe about 2) proceeded to make faces at me. Now I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to make faces at children so I joined in this game of ‘making silly faces’. Right about the time I was pulling a face, (except I’m a guy) the grandmother turned around. The look on her face would have suggested she thought I was attempting to steal her child. She then pulled the child round in front of her which lead to the most awkward 5 minutes I’ve ever spent in the bank.



I was at an airport waiting for them to call to load the plane, when this lady walks by with her little girl, who’s about to cry. She looks over at me, and pulling her daughter along, says, “If you don’t start behaving, THAT MAN is going to make you!” and she’s pointing at me! At this point the little girl starts bawling uncontrollably.

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People Share Stories Of The Most Publicly Overbearing Parents They’ve Ever Come Across

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