People Share The Most Shocking Things In Their Dating History

People Share The Most Shocking Things In Their Dating History


Dating is complicated and hard to manage at times.

Honestly, I struggle with the thought of dating these days let alone actually dating.

It’s my idea of a nightmare.

But luckily for me, I’ve not had any terrible dating experiences, unlike these poor souls.

Don’t believe me, see for yourself.


I had been friends with this guy for a couple months, and one weekend at a party we kissed. He was a nice guy, but a terrible kisser. He asked me on a date to go to an art gallery and I thought that sounded really cool so I said yes. What he failed to mention was that he had actually invited his whole family there – parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. It was painfully awkward, to say the least. He invited me to have dinner with them and I made my excuses and left, and said I had plans that night as well. Later, he showed up uninvited and alone to the party I was at that night. Creeped me out.

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So I went on a couple dates with this girl and she was giving me some signs that she was ready to get a little physical. So I lean in close and try to kiss her, and she turns her face away from me. Stunned I end up going home and thinking it was over between us. Later on, she contacts me and starts hinting we should go out again. I decide to go for it, again, after getting some heavy hints and she pushes me away. So now I just ask, what’s going on? She says, “I am on dates with you so that I don’t feel like I’m undesirable, but I’m not attracted to you.”

She called me the next day and I told her I’m not dating people who make me feel undesirable, then hang up.




A guy I had met three days previously offered to pick me up and “hang out”. I was cool with that, but he ended up dragging me around on errands (we went to his dentist appointment) and then when I said I wanted to leave, he said he’d give me a ride home but only in exchange for a blowjob.

I was pretty scarred about dating after that.

And no, I didn’t give him a blowjob, I got out right there and walked to a bus stop.



Went out with a girl for a first date. She took me to a Kumdo lesson, which is a Korean sword fighting sport. I thought that was cool, but it was an advanced class and I made somewhat of a fool of myself but all in good fun. Anyway it turned out that she was bringing me there because she wanted me to be part of a documentary about foreigners in Korea. So my looking like a fool was broadcast nationwide. We then visited the grandmaster’s house for makeolli and the film crew started interviewing me. They were basically focusing on my relationship with the girl I was going out with. They didn’t seem to understand it was a first date. So here I am trying to answer awkward questions without embarrassing both of us on national television.



On my first date with a guy off an internet dating site, he took us to the Scientology museum in London. I thought “Hmmm, original, easy to find things to talk about/ laugh at the craziness of, this could be fun.”

Then he proceeded to read every, single, piece of writing on every, single exhibit, ask the attendant very probing questions about how one goes about joining scientology etc. and sounding slightly too interested to just be intrigued about a religion. Also he was visibly sweating.

Once we were done there we went for a glass of wine and he told me he used to shoot heroin.

I was out of there like a shot.




People Share The Most Shocking Things In Their Dating History

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