People Share Their Proudest Achievement That Nobody In Their Life Knows About

People Share Their Proudest Achievement That Nobody In Their Life Knows About


We all have proud moments in our lives that very few people know about.

If we told anyone about these moments, not many people would believe it.

But at least we have those proud moments to make us smile when we’re feeling down.

Here are a few proud moments that people have yet to share with their family.


I led to the capture of a murderer by recognizing things that were being sold to me as things that I had sold to the guy who was killed.

Basically, I found who killed our best customer and didn’t even get a raise.

So, basically, I was the low level retail slave in this little video game shop that specialized in retro stuff. I was doing my thing one day when this dude comes in, looking high outta his gourd and twitchy as hell, asking if we would buy a large number of games and systems from him. I tell him yes, and he goes out to his car to grab some stuff. Alarms go off in my head when he brings in multiple NES systems and an SNES in the packages that I put them in when I was getting them ready for sale. When he goes out to his car for the second load, I page my boss in the back, and tell him “Yo. Dude. Something fishy here. Call this guy to make sure he’s okay.”

Sure enough, sketchy guy walks back in with his second load, which includes games with our sales labels on them that we had only had in the store twice and sold both copies of to the same collector.

My boss couldn’t reach the other guy, so he sent his brother, the owner of the shop, to his house to check up on him.

He found the guy dead.

Sketchy ended up pleading guilty, I believe, and is serving a sweet bit of time in lockup.




I bowled a perfect game in my junior league when I was 16. Don’t brag because no one takes bowling seriously. Also, it means I peaked 23 years ago.



When I was younger, I got really into Minesweeper. Like, really into it. I would play it over and over, just trying to beat my best times. After countless games, I managed to beat the small mode in three seconds. It was my crowning achievement.

One time I actually did try to brag about it. It was in middle school and we were working in the computer lab. I got done with my assignment, and I decided to play a bit of Minesweeper to pass the time. The girl next to me noticed and was like, “Oh, you actually know how to play that?” Me being the suave ladykiller that I am, responded with…(Continued)



People Share Their Proudest Achievement That Nobody In Their Life Knows About

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