People Share The Dumbest Rules Their School Ever Enforced

People Share The Dumbest Rules Their School Ever Enforced


When you’re a kid, being at school can be the worst thing ever.


Everything seems so unfair, and you often told that it’s because you’re a child, that’s why the school rules seem unfair.

But, when you get older you realize it wasn’t because¬†you were a kid.

It was because those rules were actually unfair!

Here are some of the dumbest school rules.


Back when cell phones weren’t really what they are now. If you got caught with it, the principal would take it for the rest of the SEMESTER. Well sure enough I got my phone confiscated and my mom went in there raising hell. She told them they don’t pay the cell phone bill and that holding it for months was basically theft. They ended up changing the rule after that. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking.



The frames on your glasses could only be black otherwise you’d be sent home or have to spend the day without glasses.



If you were late to school at all, you’d need your parent to sign you into school. And obviously anyone with two working parents would see this as the idea that if you’re even a few seconds late, you have to ditch completely.



Around the time Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” came out, students were forbidden from playing “Another Brick In The Wall pt 2” on school grounds. Students got a letter to give to their parents from the School Superintendent. He felt the lyrics, “We don’t need no education” & “Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone” were “revolutionist” & anybody playing the song was considered a “dissident” by the School Superintendent. (Story continues on next page)…



People Share The Dumbest Rules Their School Ever Enforced

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