People Share Their Awkward Meet The Parent Stories

People Share Their Awkward Meet The Parent Stories


Meeting your partner’s parent is always a nerve-wracking experience. You want them to like you and not talk bad about your to your partner.

But trying to work your way into their good books is never an easy task. Here are some awkward and horrifying meet the parent stories.



My mom and current wife met for the first time at 2am in my parents’ living room both wearing no bottoms…



My whole family met my current boyfriend over Easter dinner. My father doesn’t typically say a word to new people my siblings and I bring home. Randomly during dinner my dad turned to my boyfriend and said, “you a racist?”




Ugh, I was the girlfriend in question. I had come over to my long distance relationship boyfriend’s apartment on the way out of town. I had dressed in a plaid skirt, fishnets, combat boots, and a low cut black tank because I wanted to leave him with a good memory. So he’s got me pinned face first against the wall with my skirt flipped up and when his dad walks in. Apparently he’d come by early to take him to lunch and drop him at his job. I was absolutely mortified during the entire lunch with his dad, dad’s girlfriend, and my boyfriend.



Not a parent, but when I brought my first girlfriend home I was too embarrassed to say anything to my parents, so we went directly to my room and started fooling around. Here’s what transpired: My mom opens the door to my bedroom and stopped mid sentence “Hey I was thinking we could have turkey for -” I awkwardly remove my hand from the front of my girlfriends unbuttoned jeans “Oh uhm sorry I didn’t realize you had company” “Yeah this is Caitlin” “Hi Caitlin. Did you want to join us for supper?” “suuuuuuuuuurrree” Then we all had a super awkward dinner together. Fun times.



He recounted the story of when he drove home so drunk he lost a tire hitting something, then drove on the rim for at least 4 miles down the interstate. Thankfully he’s sober now, but is that something you want to talk about the first time you meet me?

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