People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction


Wardrobe malfunctions are just the worst.

I hate it when I wear a white shirt despite wearing a black bra. It’s so annoying.

But we all have days where our outfits malfunction.

Here are some of the funniest wardrobe malfunctions ever.

Don’t laugh your pants off!


Hah, I actually made this mistake last weekend! I didn’t check the weather before I left for an outdoor event, just peeked outside and saw blue skies and sun, and we’ve been switching between 70 and 40 degrees all week so I thought, perfect day for a sun dress, right??? Wrong. It was 60 degrees and windy as crap. The entire walk there I’m trying to hold down my dress to keep from showing cheeks. Right before I walk in, a HUGE gust blows my dress up so high, it covers my eyes. I freak out, trying to pull it down but can’t find the skirt edge in my panic. I end up pulling my top down, exposing my breats instead. So yeah, good times.



I had to walk up this flight of stairs… the problem was that the architect designed the stairs so that in an effort to be stylistic, the panel between each step was a clear plastic-like material. People could also walk under the stair case. No elevator in sight. I am positive the architect was a man who didn’t normally have to think of these things.




Many times at work I’ve had to get on my hands and knees under a desk to plug in machinery or sort out some cables on equipment. I’ve never paid attention to the fact that my butt is just sticking out and not 1 guy I work with ever mentioned it. Thankfully it was brought to my attention by a student working here and now I try to be a little bit more careful.



One time in high school I was rushing down the stairwell trying to make it to my play practice after school and I took a massive tumble down the entire flight of stairs. I wasn’t hurt, mostly embarrassed, so I jumped up and tried to laugh it off. This huge dude walked over to check on me and he started brushing me off which I thought was weird.

Turns out my skirt had flown up over my waist and somehow tucked itself into my underwear during my fall and he was trying to pull it back down before too many people could catch a look at my bare butt.



My Dad would wear basically Daisy Dukes when I was young, he just cut up his old jeans into shorts…. short shorts (story continued on the next page…)



People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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