People Admit To The Creepiest Things They’ve Ever Done Without Getting Caught

People Admit To The Creepiest Things They’ve Ever Done Without Getting Caught


Ever done something really strange or creepy but didn’t get caught in the act?

No? Me neither.

But here are a few people who managed to avoid detection.


I hid under my bed as a potential home buyer looked at my house.

I was younger and loved being a “spy.” My mom told me someone was coming to look at the house at 3. So instead of going somewhere like I usually did, I hid under my bed as this bald guy and the real estate agent wandered my house.



I was walking through a park and got tired (nasty motorcycle wreck, both knees shot to hell but working on them) near one of the kid’s areas. I sat on the nearest bench facing the playground, and a typical thin ‘n’ snippy pilates mom sits down next to me and tries to make small talk despite the fact that I look like a cartoon super villain.

“So which one is yours?” she asks.

I stare into the play area and say “Whichever one gets in my van first.”

I intended to defuse the situation through humor and make small talk but my instincts said to flee, so I did.


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A group of friends and I thought it was hilarious to be intentionally creepy to this one dude we knew who thought he was way too cool to acknowledge us.

We had met him at various metal gigs, he was a big player in “the scene”. He thought the world of himself and was quite open about his disdain for us mere mortals.

Anyway, we would make an effort to go places we knew he’d be and act overly familiar and friendly. Always open our eyes a bit too wide while smiling. Stare at him from across the room and when he made eye contact, smile and slowly nod. General creep behaviour.

So the point where we got too carried away was when we snuck into his house (front door was open), stole the icecream out of the freezer, took pictures of the container and contents and then snuck back in to replace it.

Then we created a new email address to email the pictures of his ice cream to him, along with “You’re sweet and cool” and other weird compliments.

We thought it was funny and we were doing it to be deliberately weird. He got a bit spooked and posted all over Facebook that he was calling the police and getting the house forensically tested.

Well that obviously never happened. I’m still free to roam the streets.

No one is too cool to acknowledge us. NO ONE.