Oprah Just Announced A Huge Career Change And People Are Super Excited

Oprah Just Announced A Huge Career Change And People Are Super Excited


Oprah Winfrey is known all across the world as the ‘Queen of Media’.

She’s also known as one of the “greatest black philanthropists in American History,” she is a true inspiration to many people all across the world. 

For many women across America, Oprah has a massive influence on their reading, their daily life, and even their diet.

Born in Mississippi in 1954, Oprah rose from a life of poverty to establish a solid career in radio and television. Becoming the richest self-made woman in America with a net worth exceeding $2 billion, she has also donated over $400 million of her fortune along the way.


She truly is an amazing woman.

The world-renowned talk show host has been out of the public eye for almost six years. But she has reportedly returned from her public hiatus and is ready to return to our screens once more.


Oprah has just announced the next big step in her career, and it’s gotten everyone super excited.

Oprah Winfrey is back on television: after six long years out of the public eye.

As one of the most famous women in America, Oprah Winfrey’s influence often reached from the contemporary into the political.


In 2008, she was estimated to have given Barack Obama an extra million votes in the Democratic Primaries.

So, will her new role see her step into more political debates on a more consistent basis?