Why You Should NEVER Put Toilet Paper On The Seat!

Why You Should NEVER Put Toilet Paper On The Seat!


There’s something about public bathrooms that makes us all suddenly so much more aware of germs and hygiene. We go to extreme lengths to ensure we don’t have to touch the door handle on our way out, and you’ll even put toilet paper down on the seat for fear of other peoples… butt germs? I don’t know.

However, it turns out you really shouldn’t be putting toilet paper on the seat, and here’s why…


Many people are so concerned about the number of potential germs on a toilet seat (and coming into contact with those germs by putting your bare butt onto that seat),  that they may avoid the public bathroom experience entirely. The seemingly less severe course of action is that you just put some toilet paper down on the seat.

Well, we should stop doing that.

Toilet seats are specifically designed to prevent bacteria and germs from settling onto the seat surface. The smooth surface and shape of the seat stop bacteria from growing and spreading.

But why shouldn’t you use toilet paper to cover the seat?

Well, since public bathrooms rarely have lids, (and those that do are rarely put down), the bacteria from the toilet can spread to other areas of the bathroom – including to the toilet paper!


This is why you’re advised to not leave your toothbrush uncovered in your bathroom – because airborne germs can travel to it!

This is why it’s important to wash your hands – with soap – whenever you leave a bathroom. It’s a good idea to wash your hands to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to make sure you’ve been doing it for long enough!


So, while the toilet seat is specifically designed to prevent germs and bacteria, toilet paper is not made with the same intentions. In fact, the material of toilet paper is ideal for bacteria growth in comparison!

Hand dryers are also a bathroom villain – the air blows the bacteria around the bathroom and even onto your hands. Paper towels are actually a lot more hygienic to use!

To conclude, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands, stay away from toilet paper if there is no barrier covering/protecting it, and don’t use hand dryers!



Why You Should NEVER Put Toilet Paper On The Seat!

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