Nannies Who Worked For Extremely Wealthy Families Share The Craziest Parts Of The Job

Nannies Who Worked For Extremely Wealthy Families Share The Craziest Parts Of The Job


Sometimes babysitters are a God Send, especially if you need a break from the kids.

But if your lucky and wealthy enough, you can afford a nanny to live with you and look after the children.

Here are some of the strangest experiences these live in nannies have ever experienced.


I babysat for some neighbors when I lived in New Mexico. Very rich lawyers with a boy (about 8 years old, named Tyler, as in Tyler Durden, should’ve been a sign…), and a girl (about 5 years old).

Before the parents even left, the little girl was on the monkeybars in the backyard, and whipped her panties off to pee in the breeze. After the parents left, the boy let [himself] go full steam. He still peed the bed, so he was under orders to wear diapers. Refused to put them on. Refused to brush his teeth. Wanted another bedtime book, and another, and another, and another…..oh wait, he wants the book from daddy’s shelf, with the topless Polynesian girls in it….no, he doesn’t want tap water, he wants the special filtered water, he can totally taste the difference.

I figured out why the parents built their master suite 100+ ft from the children’s rooms. Found out later Tyler claimed I beat him or some nonsense like that because I made him brush his teeth. Never again.




How tight they were with money. I would even go so far as to say selective rather than stingy.

They were wealthy because they knew how to budget. I was always to look for free activities to do with the kids. I can tell you that the Peggy Norbert nature museum in Chicago has free entry for Illinois state residents on Thursdays, the pool closest to their house has free child swim for two hours every Friday, little beans cafe and play place has half price Mondays, the Chicago Cultural Center has a monthly music program called the ‘Juice box’, and to keep an eye out for discounted and free entry days for Chicago residents at the area museums. The zoo is always free and picnics and park days were encouraged. The mom was always on Groupon and the children were never lacking for something to do.

While they might not have been SUPER wealthy they were certainly up there. What surprised me most of all is how much they truly loved their kids. There were a few times I woke up to texts saying I had a paid day off because the weather was beautiful and they wanted to take their children to play at the lake. Or how they preferred to pick their kids up from school themselves so they could hear all about their day. I miss that family so much but I’m still in contact with them and get texts and calls from them so I can be a small part of the kids’ lives.



My roommate nannied for a billionaire who had 7 kids. Only the first kid, a girl, was actually conceived and born from his wife. The other 6 were all carried by surrogate mothers, and they were all sex-selected so they’re all boys. Yeah.

My roommate was really close with the wife, who was like 30 years younger than her husband. She asked her how she met her husband, and the wife says, “He was my father’s best friend.” My roommate tried to play it off all casual, but the wife bursts out with (continue this story on the next page)



Nannies Who Worked For Extremely Wealthy Families Share The Craziest Parts Of The Job

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