Over The Moon Or Just Totally Over It – 15 Back To School Reactions That Are Just Perfect!

Over The Moon Or Just Totally Over It – 15 Back To School Reactions That Are Just Perfect!


It’s the time of year when our Facebook walls blow up with “first day of school” photos. And while most of them are just adorable little kids in their backpacks, there are some out there that show the real side of the back to school season and they are hilarious! Let’s celebrate sending the kiddos back to school with a run down of the best back to school pictures ever!

This kid hasn’t even left the house yet and she is done. It doesn’t get any easier kiddo, just wait until you get to work!

Meanwhile, this Mom is having the best day of her life. The older boys are just coming to terms with the realisation that their Mom’s about to go viral.

This kid has a pretty great strategy. Nobody messes with Batman, not even the teachers!

This Dad is not messing around with the first day of school. You’re all getting in that car whether you like it or not. He’s got a keg of beer to celebrate with and he’s not missing it for the world!


I love the progression of this kids emotions. He goes from totally fine to emotional breakdown in seconds. That’s just what kindergarten does to you! It’s a nightmare!

The youngest three kids are just upset, but the oldest kid is planning her revenge. And it shall be sweeeeet.

The two reactions to the first day of school perfectly summed up in one picture. Although, I know that this girl is meant to be the one who actually wants to go to school but there’s something in her eyes that suggests otherwise. “Don’t listen to your brother sweetie, school is the best. Honest!”

This Mom is my new hero. There’s no question about how she’s spending her day and it’s not gonna be spent getting emotional at her little angel’s first full day out of the house. Enjoy yourself, Mom!


Well, these kids have got a point. After all, it took that guy from The Shawshank Redemption about 20 years to break out too!


I love this kid’s reaction to seeing her Dad. If she could speak I think she’d be saying “Why did you leave me here?! GET ME OUT NOW!”

Ahh, the old clinging on to the leg strategy. Not a bad try kid, but your arms always get tired eventually. You’re graded a C, must try harder.

We did it! We got them both out to school! Now to spend the whole day celebrating with cocktails. Now that’s worth a high 5!

This kid has seen things, man. She’s seen things you can’t imagine. She doesn’t even wanna talk about it man, she still gets flashbacks.

I think the real beauty of this picture is that it’s not just the kids who are devastated about going back to school, it looks like the teacher is too! Well how would you feel if you’d had 2 months off and had to go back to work?

What, you think this isn’t a back to school picture? Well you’re wrong, this is puppy’s first day of seeing eye dog school! And I think this pup looks happier than any of the kids in this post! Then again, if I was going to play with puppies all day I’d be happy too!


So are you looking forward to the new school year? Or are you dreading it with every fibre of your being? Let us know your funniest back to school stories on our Facebook page, we’re more excited to hear them than a Mom is by the first day of a new semester!



Over The Moon Or Just Totally Over It – 15 Back To School Reactions That Are Just Perfect!

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