These Young People Took One Step Forward Into Adulthood And Then Immediately Took Two Steps Back

You don’t realize how good you had it as a kid until you slip into adulthood. Most of us don’t even realize that we’re there yet because we still feel like we’re 14 years old. Some people can make that transition seamlessly without too much of a stumble.

Unfortunately, the majority of us just aren’t capable of being adults. From the responsibility to the realities of the workforce — we’re basically drowning in the shallow end of the pool called ‘life’. Thankfully, we’re not alone as you’ll soon see.

We Can’t All Be Guy Fieri


As you’ll see later on in this article, we can’t all be Guy Fieri. To be a good cook, you need patience, creativity, and motivation.

Most young adults don’t have any of those skills, nevermind all three of them. It should be considered a successful meal if you don’t burn your house down.

What’s The Point?


Remember when your parents used to do all this stuff for you? And, can we just talk about how annoying putting bed sheets on is anyway?

It’s extremely frustrating and can actually ruin a day. Getting the fitted sheet over the last corner is one of the most satisfying accomplishments a young adult can have.

Resource Management


Growing up is tough. But, one way that you can successfully maneuver your way through adulthood is by having a solid sense of resource management.

If you can reuse cups or glasses so you don’t have to do any dishes, all the power to you. This a great attempt, but I feel like it fails the adult test.

Well, This Is Trash


If you’re struggling to adult, you’re not necessarily a trash person, but you create a lot of it. And, more than likely, you don’t throw it out.

You learn everything you need to know about someone by how many garbage bags they collect in their house. This is a lot.

Be Proud Of Your Accolades


When you’re an adult, it’s the little things that matter. If you get bogged down with life’s challenges, it’s because you’re not appreciating the little things in life.

Like, when you order pizza for the third time in a week or if you sat on the toilet for so long that your legs went totally numb, those are accomplishments worth celebrating.

This Is Something To Behold


When you’re just about to enter the adult world, you should probably stop ordering pizza for EVERY meal.

In college, having a pizza tower is something that you brag about. But, when you’re an adult, it’s probably not something you should be showing off to someone you’re bringing over for a first date.

Too Much Work


There comes a point in a young adults life that you just skip the little battles you used to fight.

One of those is getting these stickers off of the apples. Unless you have nails, it’s nearly impossible. In fact, you’ll probably be eating half of it because you couldn’t get it off clean.

Not Living With Mom Anymore


One of the most devastating realizations is that you’re not going to be living with mom anymore. Therefore, you’re not going to have dinner made for you every night.

This means that you need to get the cookbook out and start being independent. This is a young adult special. Yum.

When You Press Snooze 1000 Times


As much as you want to believe that as soon as you enter the workforce your habits are going to change, unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

You’re still going to hit your snooze button 1000 times. You’re still going to rush every step of the way to your work. You’re still going to cry in the bathroom.

Adults Don’t Do This


I’m sorry, but adults usually don’t face swap with chocolate chip cookies. Eventually, there needs to come a time when we become more mature, and apparently, it’s just not her time yet.

The threshold of not wanting to do these childish face swaps usually occurs when you graduate from school, but as you can see, there are the outliers.

An Adult Fridge


You can tell a lot about someone by looking into their fridge. If they have a stocked fridge and they’re a young person, you need to marry them. That’s the sign of someone who has their stuff together.

Unfortunately, this is what most of our fridges look like. We eat meal to meal.

Life Is Expensive


You quickly come to realize that when you become an adult, life, in general, is extremely expensive.

Just taking a breath will cost you about two dollars depending on (lung) inflation rates. That’ll be my last dad joke of the article, I swear. Well, I’m not guaranteeing it, but I’m pretty sure.

Take Off The Bubble Wrap


Sometimes, you have to learn lessons the hard way. There’s no “right way” to attempt to teach someone how to be an adult.

Often times it’s just getting thrown into it and you have to try to figure it out yourself. This is about to be a HARD lesson learned.

I Love Wine


Wine becomes your best friend. Like, almost literally. You fight with it the odd time. You console in it. You celebrate with it. Heck, sometimes you even take it on dates.

You don’t realize the importance of wine until you become an adult. This picture will be very relatable in a few years if it isn’t already.

Sprinkles On Everything


When you’re an adult it’s no longer cool to get sprinkles on your desserts. Like, you used to ask for “extra sprinkles” on your vanilla ice cream, but now you ask if any of the flavors are “low fat”.

This is the peanut butter sandwich of someone who is struggling with the transition and we don’t blame them.

Not Enough Time In The Day


Life is about perspective. You only experience it through your own lens and it’s nearly impossible to relate to someone else. So, what does that have to do with this picture?

Well, this young adult probably thinks his days are packed. He probably says that he doesn’t even have time to open this chair. Meanwhile, he goes to class about one hour a day and still feels stressed.

Still Inherently Lazy


Like I mentioned earlier, just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to still be the same lazy person you were as a kid.

There’s no AH-HA moment when you just get how life works. You’re still going to build straw tunnels to your drinks so that you don’t have to move your head.

Daddy DIY


I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified that this little baby has become a table for his dad to eat on.

I mean, on one hand, it’s very convenient. But, on the other hand, I think this could be mildly traumatizing for the baby’s future. Call me old fashion.

Got To Getty This Money


At this point, it shouldn’t surprise you that young adults think Getty Images is an actual person. They’ve grown up with seeing THOUSANDS of pictures a day all with the Getty label.

Jim Getty or John Getty or whatever the guy’s name is should be our President just based on the cool photo shoots that would happen in the White House.

When Your Brain Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt


Why is it that when you’re an adult, you’re incredibly tired throughout the day? All you can think about is hopping into bed and falling asleep.

But, when the time comes to actually fall asleep at night you can’t do it. Why? Because your brain decides to make conspiracy theories about your own life and it’s terrifying.