These Weird And Wacky Kids Are Only Mildly Infuriating

Kids behave in mysterious ways. Sometimes they do things I will never understand. Why do they have to make a mess the second after you finish cleaning the kitchen? Why do they touch all of the things they’re not supposed to touch?

They’re small humans, but they sure do make big trouble. Keep reading to see all the little things that kids do that irk us just a tiny bit. We still love them, though.

This Is How A Kid Ate His Snickers Bar

Photo Credit: secret2594 / Reddit

If he only wanted the chocolate, why didn’t he get a plain Hershey bar? The inside of a Snickers bar is the best part. He’s missing out on all the nougat, caramel, and peanut goodness.

In fact, I might like this modified Snickers bar even more than an intact Snickers bar. I’m into this chocolate-to-nougat ratio.

I Swear These Kids Do It On Purpose

Photo Credit: idiotj / Reddit

How hard is it to take the empty roll off and put the new roll on? I mean, actually put the new roll on, not just sit it on top of the old roll.

What’s going to happen when this roll is done? are they just going to keep piling them up?

Bring A Toddler To A Wedding, They Said. It Will Be Cute, They Said.

Photo Credit: I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Reddit

I’m actually impressed by how stretchy that dress is. Also, hello Lord Voldemort. I hope you’re having a good time at the reception.

This picture is pretty spooky— and this doesn’t look like a Halloween themed wedding. I wonder if this moment made the bride and groom put off having kids for a few more years.

Those Poor Headphones

Photo Credit: DonJuan49 / Reddit

How is that kid even functioning with headphones that tangled? This would drive me completely insane.

How are kids so good at tangling everything? I couldn’t get my wires that tangled if I tried. What’s he even watching? Paw Patrol? I bet it’s Paw Patrol.

The Smallest Bite

Photo Credit: Rava33 / Reddit

This kid took one bite of his apple and then decided that he was done. How small is this kid’s mouth?

Does he have the tiniest teeth in the world? Way to ruin a perfectly good apple. I bet his parents will still eat it and enjoy it, though.

This Is Not The Proper Way To Eat A Sandwich

Photo Credit: nosut / Reddit

People who start eating a sandwich from the long side are just plain wrong. I don’t care what kind of sandwich it is or what the situation is, there is no excuse for this kind of tomfoolery.

Hey kids, learn how to eat sandwiches the right way. The ratio is all off.

How Kids Use Toothpaste

Photo Credit: ixtlu / Reddit

To be fair, I’m not a kid and my toothpaste looks like this most of the time. It drives everybody around me pretty crazy. Nobody wants to share a bathroom with me. It’s a problem.

I guess there are some habits we just never grow out of. Once it gets like this, there’s no real way to fix it.

This Parent Just Found Out That This Is How His Kid Drinks Milk

Photo Credit: theMONKEYmiddle / Reddit

This man’s son drinks his milk like this every day at school. I think this kid is just carving out his own path in life. He’s a leader, not a follower.

But also, this is super annoying. This milk carton has a perfectly good openable spout.

How Kids Open A Bag Of Cookies

Photo Credit: MiddleJJames / Reddit

This bag of cookies has a resealable top to maintain freshness. When you rip the bag all the way down to the bottom, you can’t really keep the freshness in anymore.

It looks like these kids ate all the cookies, though, so there’s nothing left to keep fresh.

This Is The Future

Photo Credit: beautimus8 / Reddit

This is how the future generation eats bananas. I’m not saying I’m happy about it, I’m just saying that this is how we live now.

If kids are leading the way, this is what the world is going to look like in a few years. Just stray bites everywhere.

How This Kid Avoids The Blame For Eating The Last Slice Of Cake

Photo Credit: kionih / Reddit

Someone might want this tiny sliver of cake. I’m only very mildly infuriated by this situation. Of course, I’d want more cake, but a tinny amount of cake is better than no cake at all.

I’ll take what I can get. Also, I could eat this little piece of cake and not feel guilty about it.

How Many Kids Does It Take To Make This Mess?

Photo Credit: laura_the_explora / Reddit

Um, could you put those toys back on the shelf please? Why must kids make messes like this in public places? That horse looks like he’s getting worried.

The whole aisle is just way too overwhelming. Let’s all back away slowly. We were never here.

How Kids Eat Expensive Cherries

Photo Credit: steplitz / Reddit

These delicious cherries cost $8.99 a pound. It’s a good thing that this kid insists on eating only fifty percent of each cherry. And by a good thing, I mean it’s not a good thing at all.

No more cherries for this kid. He doesn’t deserve their sweet flesh.

On The Wall Of A 5th Grade Classroom

Photo Credit: kellymiche / Reddit

This teacher asked her class to write down something they want to learn about this year. This kid took the assignment very seriously.

He wants to know about the forces that govern our world, and he’s not going to rest until he finds all of the answers he’s looking for.

Living His Best Life

Photo Credit: Dog-On-The-Moon / Reddit

Um, maybe this kid should take his mouth off of that salt shaker? I don’t know, that just seems like it would be the right thing to do.

I’m going to question every salt and pepper shaker I see in a restaurant now. You never know what they’ve been through.

How Kids Eat French Toast Sticks

Photo Credit: brohan-of-dudendorf / Reddit

Are you sensing a theme developing? Kids destroy food. That’s just a fact. Look at all the evidence we’ve collected thus far— and this is just the beginning. There’s more carnage to come.

Two-bite Timmy isn’t done yet. How many more food items will have to suffer this fate?

Please Clean Up

Photo Credit: Jarrf / Reddit

We all know that kids are messy, but for the sake of every McDonald’s employee, please teach your kids to put their garbage in the proper garbage receptacles.

I think this one is more than mildly infuriating. Come on kids, you can do better than this.

Two-Bite Timmy Strikes Again

Photo Credit: K_SomethingSomething / Reddit

I will never understand why kids have the need to eat food like this. This wrap is the perfect shape for eating. Why do they have to make it so complicated?

I guess they do have little mouths. That’s not an excuse though, and it doesn’t really explain this whole situation.

Just, Why?

Photo Credit: lunardarknes / Reddit

Ok, the little mouth explanation doesn’t work at all in this scenario. Hot dogs are pretty slim. It’s easy enough to eat them the way they were meant to be eaten.

Maybe I’m eating hot dogs wrong? Now I’m questioning everything. Am I in a dream?

Double Trouble

Photo Credit: Mrdazjames / Reddit

What’s more mildly infuriating than a kid eating crumby toast on a clean couch? A kid playing recorder super loudly. You just can’t win with these two.

Why are schools so into the recorder? It’s the worst instrument. Teach them guitar or something. Even harmonica would be cooler.