Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Make Us Hope Funny Bones Run In The Family

Social media has really made us up our pregnancy announcement game. Before the internet, you’d just call up your family and friends and the telephone chain would do the rest of the work. Nowadays, couples have found the most hilarious, inventive, and incredibly unique ways of sharing their exciting news!

These expecting parents have coupled their love of cars, superheroes, and even video games with their love for their children. These pregnancy announcements are unforgettable, inspiring, and downright funny.

Read Up For The New Pup


Studies have shown that young couples are increasingly buying houses so they can have a backyard for their dog. Basically, that means couples are using their dogs as testing grounds for having a kid.

Seriously, if you can handle the responsibility of a puppy, kids are the next natural step. We think he’ll be the best big (dog) brother ever.

Double The Morning Sickness, Double The Surprise!


Usually, it’s only mom who experiences morning sickness, but finding out there’s not one, but two, buns in the oven can make dad sick too.

I have a feeling that these two humor-loving parents will pass on their funny bone to both their kids.

A Super Announcement


Being an only child is fun, but getting a sibling is even better. This little boy thinks he’s getting a sidekick, but he’s also getting a partner in crime.

Your parents can’t get that mad when both of you snuck onto the kitchen counters to eat the cookies, right?

Someone’s In Shock

Stephanie Azevedo/Pinterest

Sometimes the best pregnancy announcement is the one that simply captures the family’s reaction. My best guess is that dad didn’t expect to be having another kid, but that the two soon-to-be older siblings are beyond excited.

Fatherhood isn’t easy, but with two other kids this happy, he’ll have four extra helping hands.

Grande, Tall, And Small


This adorable Starbucks announcement was definitely created by a young, millennial family. Who else would be obsessed enough with Starbucks to make them part of the biggest moment of their lives?

This baby is destined to live a life full of delectable coffee, perfectly overpriced pastries, and everything delicious in between.

He’s Going To Need An Extra Set Of Hands


This kid isn’t just going to need help fixing the car, his parents are probably going to need to upgrade entirely. That’s right, I’m talking about upgrading to a mini-van.

People like to make fun of parents and their mini-vans but dang they are convenient. They have so much storage space, and those sliding doors are totally worth it.

Well, If You Insist


Now THIS is the type of pregnancy announcement I could get behind. Bringing in donuts for your mom’s family, friends, and coworkers is the perfect way to get them all on her side.

Seeing as she’s about to leave them all for a few months, buttering them up with donuts will work in her favor.

So Kind Of Mom And Dad!

Brit Morin/Pinterest

Wow! This was so nice of mom and dad to do all this hard work! It was getting a little lonely hanging out with just my toys and the cat all day.

Now that there’s a little human around, I’ll have a brand new friend to play with. I hope they like tennis balls as much as I do!

It Looks Like Someone Forgot To Pay The Rent


You can’t really blame this little girl for crying. She’s being evicted from her beloved crib, a new tenant is taking over, and she’s going to have to learn how to be a big sister.

Changes are coming, but hey, welcome to the real world! Make sure to pay the rent next time.

Ready To Burst At Any Moment


This announcement was so simple, yet so elegant. Who knew a pair of balloons and a permanent marker could make for such an amazing photo.

This couple is a good reminder that something silly and simple is more than enough just to get the message out there and spread the joy.

Baby #1 Can Be A Little Bit Terrifying


It’s so refreshing to see a brutally honest pregnancy announcement. At the end of the day, having kids is hard. You can read as many books and blogs as you want, but you won’t really know what’s going on until you’re in the thick of it.

Honestly, what did parents do before Google was invented?

Dr. Seuss Will Give You All The Guidance You Need


When in doubt, turn to Dr. Seuss. It may seem like rhyming nonsense, but he adds some nuggets of knowledge in there every once in a while.

Plus, once you’re done reading the books, you can pass on the knowledge to your newborn. A Dr. Seuss book is the perfect baby shower gift!

Full Of Candy And Full Of Excitment


We have no idea where these clever parents got these shirts, but they’re hilarious. It’s a spooky way to show the world you have a bun in the oven, but it’s also fun to see what everyone else in the family has.

I can’t decide if I’d want the pizza or unlimited candy more.

A Real Life Family Circus

Chelsea Johnson/PInterest

I remember reading “Family Circus” in the newspaper on a Sunday morning. As a kid, the jokes were funny, but then you grow up and have kids and realize it wasn’t a comic, it was reality.

This couple understands the craziness of having a family, but they seem to love it.

A Younger Sibling Destined To Be Luigi


Player Two has no idea right now, but because they’re the younger sibling, they’re destined to get the short end of the stick with video games. That means they’ll always have to be Luigi, and they’ll never get to play with the top-screen view.

On the bright side, their older sibling has already wasted their time learning all the cheat codes for the games.

The Math Checks Out


I’ll admit that at first glance, I thought “wow, this couple doesn’t even know how to add to three!” Then I realized no wait, that means there must but more than one bun cooking in her oven.

No one plans for triplets, but hey, at least that means you don’t have to worry about trying to get pregnant again in the future!

A Magical Announcement


The happiest announcement on earth from the happiest place on earth. Part of me thinks that these parents only took their little girl to Disney to help soften the blow of the fact she’s no longer going to be an only child.

It’s hard to be jealous of your new sibling when you’re riding Space Mountain.

She Doesn’t Seem Too Happy About This Scenario


Girl, I get it. Being the youngest sibling is the best ride. You get away with everything, you’re extra spoiled, and the older sibling is always the one in trouble.

Getting bumped out of the best spot for the worst spot is tough. The bright side of being a middle child is you can be extra independent.

Someone Already Has Some Cravings


The best part about being pregnant is that you truly do get to eat for two. You’ll find you’re hungry more often because your body is using up so much fuel.

Just make sure to throw a few fruits and veggies in with all the pie, cake, and chips. Oh, and the pickles. We can’t forget about the pickles.

Keeping The Announcement Fresh


What do you do when you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting with Will Smith? Get him to help announce your pregnancy, of course! This is practically better than getting an autograph.

Will Smith is definitely one of those down-to-earth celebrities who would love to do this for you.

Step Brothers Reference For The Win


Nearly any film starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is too inappropriate for kids, but these two don’t need to know that.

All they know is that they have a shared love of John Stamos and doing karate in the garage. Yep, they’re definitely going to be best friends.

Not Exactly What She Expected


This little girl looks a little bit upset that she’s not going to get that puppy she was begging her parents for, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Babies need to be potty trained, loved unconditionally, and will put up with whatever their older siblings throw their way. If anything, a sibling is better than a dog!

60% Of People In This Photo Aren’t Very Excited


None of these little girls look very excited to be welcoming a new sibling into the picture. The oldest probably wrote the chalkboard sign.

They had all just become accustomed to their oldest, middle, and youngest sibling roles. Now everything’s getting switched around on them. At least mom and dad look happy about it.

I Hope She’s Italian


Letting everyone know that you’re preggo by dressing up like a can of the delicious Prego sauce is one of the tried and true pregnancy announcements, but it’s fun to see a celebrity do it.

Here, NFL player Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel used the joke to let the world know another football star was on the way.

This Is What Happens When Dad Gets To Make The Annoucement


This is the kind of pregnancy announcement you end up with when the dad-to-be is left in charge of things. Keep in mind, 2014 was a different time. The Nintendo Wii was the coolest console at the time.

Nowadays, it would be like adding a new Fortnite character to your squad.

Batman, Meet Robin


The best part about incorporating superheroes into your pregnancy announcement is that everyone is happy. In fact, this little boy is probably more excited about dressing up as Batman than his parents are.

Also, it’s easier to tell him that he’s getting a sidekick rather than a younger sibling who will steal all the attention.

Looks Like We Have A Joey In The Pouch


If you happened to time your pregnancy perfectly, then you’ll be lucky enough to announce your pregnancy on Halloween.

There are tons of creative costumes for pregnant moms with a baby bump, but this kangaroo and joey is the perfect way to surprise everyone at the party.

Pregnancy Isn’t An Easy Road, But It’s Worth It

Totally Love/PInterest

Caution, there will be one literal bump ahead and many figurative ones! Pregnancy and parenthood isn’t a smooth, winding road. It takes hard work and, of course, there will be some rough patches.

But this couple looks like they’re happy and ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Only One Woman


We don’t often get to see same-sex pregnancy announcements, and we think that should change. Families come is all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s via surrogate or adoption, welcoming a child and starting a family calls for celebration no matter who you are. Their cheeky message is a great way to poke some fun at the tradition.

Looks Like Someone Was A Little Shocked


I know that finding out you’re a father can be pretty shocking, but I didn’t realize it was overwhelming enough to faint! I mean, it takes two to tango, right?

The mom-to-be is going to have enough on her plate in due time. The last thing she needs to worry about her man fainting.

Too Little Too Late


Being pregnant isn’t exactly post-apocalyptic. Your child probably won’t try to kill you, but you might go a little insane during the first few months due to a lack of sleep.

Still, a movie like 28 Days Later is too perfect not to use for an announcement photo.

Someone’s Pretty Excited


Sometimes, being frank is just as funny as an elaborate pregnancy announcement. This future-mom’s “Baby Daddy” sign and his “Knocked Up” post is brutally honest, and that’s partly why we love it.

A simple announcement like this is bound to get a few laughs for being so darn honest.

Ice, Ice, Baby


The “Ice, Ice, Baby” pregnancy announcement is a pretty popular one, but it’s still worth sharing. Whatever genius couple thought it up first must have had a serious funny bone.

The fact that you can make this announcement photo with just a couple of bucks is another reason it’s so popular.

Two Eggs Are Better Than One


Most male same-sex couples resort to using a surrogate or adopting, but female same-sex couples have the incredible ability to have one of them carry the child.

Of course, two eggs won’t get them very far, so they need a separate ingredient. It does, however, make for a hilarious pregnancy announcement photo.

Ultrasounds Are Expensive


Hey now, ultrasounds can be pretty expensive. Now they have those fancy 3D ultrasounds too that cost an even prettier penny.

This rustic chalkboard drawing does the job just fine, and will save this couple money to spend on the truly expensive things like diapers. And more diapers… and more diapers.

A Glimpse Into The Future


Life’s a beach, and things are going to get even sunnier when the little one makes its grand arrival. Now all that’s left is the gender reveal.

She’s wearing a pink bathing suit in this photo, so is that a cryptic hint that it might be a girl?

Hopefully, There’s No Test At The End


This pupper has a lot of questions that need answering before he is ready to welcome the new human baby.

How many treats will he still get a day? Does the baby count as a treat? Will they want to play with the ball too or should he keep it to himself?

Filled With Air And Excitement


We hope this couple took an “after” photo of this brilliant pregnancy announcement. After the two add one to their family, it would be hilarious if they came back to this exact spot with a “deflated” stomach and showed off their newest addition.

They already spent nine months waiting for this photo, what’s one extra day?

Probably Is The Opportune Word

Diane Maedge/Pinterest

Three kids is a lot of work already, and it looks like these ones have quite a bit of energy. Still, what’s life without a challenge?

These parents are probably experts at raising children while keeping it fun, and we’re sure the fourth, fifth, and sixth child will be in good hands.

A True Family Photo


We are used to seeing the pregnancy announcement photo, but rarely do we get to see the follow-up.

The first photo was funny on its own, but it’s even better to see the older sibling finally get her apple juice, and welcome a new member of the family. What are they drinking?