Hilarious Pictures That Prove Kids Can Sleep Anywhere

Kids can fall asleep in the weirdest positions. I swear, a group of kids could fall asleep playing a game of Twister. I will never understand how one minute they can be sitting up, eating some cake, and the next minute they’re just totally asleep.

I have to put on a podcast, make the room completely dark, and have at least three pillows behind my head if I’m going to have any chance of catching some Z’s.

Even The President Couldn’t Keep This Kid Awake

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Remember when Barak Obama was president and we weren’t constantly being kept awake by a… let’s say an exciting (or excitable) man in the White House?

This kid was obviously bored by whatever was going on at this dinner. At least Barak looks like he’s having a good time.

What Is This Witchcraft?

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

How can this kid sleep on a pile of Lego? I refuse to believe that this picture isn’t Photoshopped. Show me the evidence!

I love a good Lego set, but those little blocks hurt way too much. Maybe it’s like a bed of nails and when you disperse your weight over a bunch of them, it doesn’t hurt as much.

She Gave Up

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

What do you do when you’re trying to ride a bike and it just keeps falling over? How about you take a little nap.

She can ride a tricycle anytime. You gotta make time for sleep. It’s the most important… activity of the day.

Dog Food Makes An Excellent Bed

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Those big bags of dog food sure are comfortable. This kid is lucky that he fits at the bottom of that cart. If I were small enough, that’s exactly what I would be doing.

Why shop when you can sleep while somebody else shops for you?

Two Chairs Are Better Than One

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

I think if I were going to sleep on two chairs, I’d probably space them out more. I’d sit on one and put my feet on the other. This just looks inefficient.

Although she’s sound asleep, so maybe I’m missing something. I guess I’ll have to give this technique a try.

Sleep Or Swim

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Generally, pools aren’t for sleeping, but sometimes all that slowly moving water just lulls you to sleep. You’ve got the warm sun, a cozy swimsuit, and a floatie donut. What more could a kid need?

Maybe a blanket. And a bed. Or not. You do you, kid.

Someone’s Been Sleeping In The Dog’s Bed

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Ok, this one has me stumped. How is a dog crate comfortable? That’s so small it might even be a cat crate.

If her whole body fit in there I could see how it might be kind of nice, but half her body is hanging out the door.

Is It A Laundry Basket Or A Crib?

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. A laundry basket filled with clean clothes is a good enough spot as any.

I hope those are clean clothes. If they’re dirty clothes, you might want to find a different laundry basket. You know, something more hygienic.

One Man’s Drawer Is Another Man’s Bed

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

You know, that dresser is probably in this kid’s room. You know what else is probably in his room? A bed. Why he would choose to sleep in a drawer instead of in a bed is beyond me.

That just can’t be comfy. He doesn’t even have a pillow.

Post Cake Slumber

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

You know that feeling when you eat a huge meal and all you want to do is lie down and sleep? Well, this kid skipped the lying down part and went straight to sleeping.

That pan looks like it had a lot of cake in it at one point.

I Wish I Could Sleep In An Airport

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been stuck in an airport in the middle of the night trying to sleep sitting up. I swear, they put those armrests between the chairs just so you can’t lie down properly.

I wish I could sleep like this kid.

Ikea Is Tiring

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Ikea is a maze of a store. You can’t leave until you walk the whole thing, and by the time you’re done you’re exhausted and ready for a meatball. That’s why they sell so many meatballs.

This little girl has had it up to here with furniture shopping.

How Old Is This Picture?

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Who even has a TV like this anymore? I guess to a kid who’s grown up with flat screens his whole life, this would look like some kind of bed.

It’s probably warm, too. I’d probably sleep on it if I was small enough. It looks kind of comfortable.

Fair Enough

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

I mean, that net is probably there to stop her from falling out of the bed. In that case, it did its job. She didn’t fall out of the bed. This picture would make a great advertisement for whatever product this is.

I think I might need one for my bed. Do you think it could support the weight of an adult?

There Was A Cute Baby Who Lived In A Shoe

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

This shoe definitely looks more comfortable than a pile of Lego, but I have to assume that it’s kind of smelly in there. Unless whoever wears these shoes has supremely clean and odorless feet.

For this baby’s sake, I hope they’re the cleanest feet in the world.

I Guess This Is Sort Of Like A Hammock

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

That chair looks like it would make a super comfy sleeping spot. But this kid isn’t sleeping on the chair. She’s sleeping in a hammock she’s fashioned from the chair cover.

I guess that’s comfortable too. She looks like a baby kangaroo in that chair’s little pouch.

This Great Dane Is Greatly Comfortable

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

When you have to share a bed with a giant dog, sometimes you have to improvise, and by improvise I mean sometimes you have to sleep on the dog.

The dog will understand. To him, this little kid is probably just like a cozy blanket.

Sleep Where You Stand

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a playroom and the only place to put your head is on a hard wooden shelf.

Sometimes you just have to use what you have. If what you have is a shelf, then sleep on that shelf.

Using A Toilet Is Tiring

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep on the toilet before. It’s just not a fun place to be. I’d rather do my business and get out of the bathroom as soon as possible.

This kid was just way too tired to function. I don’t know how he can fall asleep in this position, though.

Let’s Talk Aboot A Pillow

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

When does a rain boot double as a pillow? When you accidentally fall asleep on a rain boot. I mean, I have to imagine that this was an accident. I don’t think she would use a rain boot as a pillow on purpose.

But then again, kids have done stranger things before.