Lacey Short For Men Are Now A Thing, And They’re Hilarious!

Lacey Short For Men Are Now A Thing, And They’re Hilarious!


When it comes to male fashion, I usually have a predetermined thought in my head about how easy their choices in clothes is.

All they have to do (most of the times) is throw a few items of clothes together and BAM! They have a nice outfit. This is very unlike what it’s like trying to get dressed as a woman.

Most of the time women will spend hours planning an outfit.

With women’s fashion, there is so much available compared to men’s fashion.

Well, it looks like that’s about to change because there are some new and rather odd fashion trends getting ready to hit the male fashion industry.

The latest fashion trend/ fax pas to grace our computer screens was probably the ‘RompHim’, which is exactly what it sounds like.

They’re an all in one playsuit that are similar to boiler suits, but for the busy and trendy man of the modern day.

When the trend hit the internet it was almost unanimously declared to be a bad idea.

Now it seems like we may have a follow-up idea for men’s fashion that makes the ‘RompHim’ seem like a well meaning mistake by comparison.

The latest trend involves lacey cargo shorts which are perfect for summer (not).


Yeah, it’s just as bad as it sounds too!

Let me make one thing clear, men are allowed to wear whatever they want. So if a man decides wearing these lacey cargo shorts is a good idea, I won’t stop him. Hell, I won’t even judge him for it.

Just be aware that lacey shorts will make you look like you’re wearing a doiley your grandma use to cover the coffee table with.

I know I’m not a fashion expert, so don’t take my advice to heart all that much, but be aware that I (and the rest of the internet) think it’s a terrible idea.

But, if you want to wear something that looks like it was knitted by your grandmother to cover her lampshades with, then, by all means, do it. 

Compared to the romper, the lacey cargo shorts doesn’t look too good in comparison But each to their own I suppose…

What do you think about these lacey cargo shorts? Is it a good look or a fashion mistake we’ll soon regret?

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