You’ll Crack Up At These Cakes With Hilariously Bad Messages

Cakes are the celebratory dessert of choice for many people. Whatever the occasion, there’s probably a cake for it. Most of the time, people enjoy receiving cakes. But sometimes the messages on these cakes go very, very wrong. This hilarious gallery features some of the weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre cake disasters out there.

Adam And His Blue Flowers

Again, another cake that was so close to being flawless. The bakery that made this cake clearly misinterpreted the instructions here. The customer wanted actual flowers made with blue icing on the cake, which they got… and then some.

The decorator went so far as to write the customer’s actual request on the cake. Now it seems like this cake is only for someone named Adam, who is also in possession of some blue flowers. If there is an Adam known for his blue flowers than this cake would be perfect for them. We hope Adam enjoyed his cake either way.