These Babies Look Way Too Much Like Famous People

I bet these babies get stopped on the street all the time by people who are looking for a selfie with their favorite celebrity. Sorry folks, that’s not actually John Legend. It’s just a baby who looks exactly like John Legend.

Keep reading to see some very tiny humans who look eerily similar to some very big celebrities.

Baby Chris Farley

Photo Credit: Imgur

This little girl looks a lot like the late, great, Chris Farley. Maybe she’ll grow up to be just as funny as he was. Judging by her face, she’s well on her way.

She’s definitely got the smirk down. Now she just needs to push her bangs to the side.

Baby Wallace Shawn

Photo Credit: Imgur

To be totally honest, I had no idea that this guy’s name was Wallace Shawn. I just called him the turtle guy from The Princess Bride and Sex and the City.

This baby has the same hair pattern and facial features of this man, and that’s pretty amazing.

Baby Gordon Ramsay

Photo Credit: Imgur

I’m half expecting this baby to start yelling at a bunch of amateur chefs and spitting out overcooked steak. I wonder if he’s British.

Have you ever noticed how much Gordon Ramsay’s chef coat looks like a onesie? All this baby needs is some more forehead wrinkles.

Baby Danny Devito

Photo Credit: Imgur

Hopefully, this baby will grow some more hair on the top of his head as he gets older. I feel all hope is lost for Danny Devito, though. His hair is not coming back. It’s too far gone.

Let’s rub some yogurt all over Devito’s mouth so these two can be identical.

Baby John Legend

Photo Credit: Imgur

Aaaaalllll of me… loves… aaaallll of this picture. John, you’ve got some explaining to do. I know this isn’t Luna or Miles.

Does John Legend have a secret child that we don’t know about? Somebody get Chrissy Teigen on the phone. Does she know about this?

Baby Eric Stonestreet

Photo Credit: Imgur

I have to say, the best part of this baby’s outfit is his giant cuff sleeves. That’s what makes the look truly modern— Modern Family that is.

Look at that forehead, though. That is one large forehead. He must have a lot of brains in that large noggin.

Baby Ja Rule

Photo Credit: Imgur

So, when is this baby going to start rapping. I feel like he’s going to rap his first words. Also, is that baby wearing a grill? Where do you even get a baby-sized grill?

What would a baby even rap about? Milk? Taking naps? Hopefully nothing about Fyre festival.

Baby Patton Oswalt

Photo Credit: Imgur

I can’t look at this baby and not hear Patton Oswalt’s voice. I’m sure he’ll grow into those ears someday. He has time.

When he’s eight or nine or fifty-seven, you probably won’t even notice them. I’m just waiting for this baby’s first stand-up special.

Baby Vladimir Putin

Photo Credit: Imgur

Is this baby making you nervous? Because he’s making me nervous. Look at him menacingly chewing on that piece of grass.

He looks like he’s cooking up some big plans. Honestly, I’d rather face baby Putin than regular Putin. He looks like he’d be a bit more laid back.

The Stay Puft baby

Photo Credit: Imgur

If we’re being honest, a lot of babies look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Babies are puffy. Marshmallows are puffy. There’s a resemblance.

This baby has the signature Stay Puft eyebrows, though. Also, that smile is very on brand. All he needs is a Stay Puft hat.

Baby Mrs. Doubtfire

Photo Credit: Imgur

I guess she would be Miss Doubtfire. This baby probably isn’t married yet. I will never get over how impressive those prosthetics were.

I fully believed that Robin Williams was an elderly Irish lady. I’m pretty sure that this baby is an elderly Irish lady, too.

Baby Gandalf

Photo Credit: Imgur

Ok, this one is uncanny. I feel like this baby is going to ride an eagle right into old age.

He’s even got the forehead wrinkles. What a wise baby. It’s the nose that really sells it. Somebody get him a fake beard for Halloween.

Baby Winston Churchill

Photo Credit: Imgur

This baby has some big decisions to make. He’s got places to be and a country to run. Seriously, this baby looks like Winston Churchill reincarnated.

The should have got this baby to play Churchill in Darkest Hour instead of Gary Oldman. They wouldn’t have needed all that makeup and prosthetics.

Baby Tiger Woods

Photo Credit: Imgur

Is this baby going to be the world’s next great golfer? He is if his face has anything to say about it.

The world needs a new Tiger Woods. I think we’re all fed up with the old one. It’s time for the next generation to take over.

Baby Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Imgur

The hair is on point, the lips are accurate, everything is as it should be. Are we sure that Donald Trump doesn’t have any children we don’t know about?

It’s a good thing this kid is getting a haircut. You wouldn’t want him to walk around with a combover.

Baby Rob Ford

Photo Credit: Imgur

Remember Rob Ford? The drug using mayor from Toronto, Canada? Well, he’s back in the form of a baby.

They both have that deer in the headlights sort of look to them. Maybe this baby will be a mayor when he grows up. He looks like he might be into municipal politics.

Baby Billy Idol

Photo Credit: Imgur

Let’s face it, it’s this baby’s hairstyle that makes him look like Billy Idol. His face just looks like a regular baby face.

If Billy Idol had different hair, he wouldn’t look like this baby at all. This baby does look like he could start his own punk band, though.

Baby Guy Fieri

Photo Credit: Imgur

Welcome to flavor town, people. This kid’s got the frosted tips and the sunglasses. Now all he needs is a pile of deep fried diner food and a red Corvette.

Does Guy Fieri drive a Corvette? I know nothing about cars. Somebody get this kid a Corvette.

Baby Jay Z

Photo Credit: Imgur

This baby looks like he’s about to drop a number one single with his gorgeous wife, Beyoncé.

He’s a pretty good performer in his own right, though. Baby Jay Z is going to give adult Jay Z a run for his money. He can rap with the best of ’em.

Baby Kim Jong Il

Photo Credit: Imgur

Everything about this is perfect, from the outfit to the glasses to the hair style.

This baby looks like he’s ready to run a country. He looks a little bit suspicious of the world, though, which is a good attitude to have if you’re a politician.