Restaurant Workers Say Never Order These Menu Items

When you’re sitting at a restaurant, do you ever wonder if you should really be eating that? Who made it? What’s in it? There are questions that come to mind, and this won’t make you feel any better (sorry.) We gathered all of the warning tales provided by restaurant workers who revealed what they would never order at the restaurant they work in. The reasons vary, so you’ll want to find out. So what do you think, will this change your ordering habits? Let’s find out.

Avoid The Daily Special

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

Your waiter is always going to do a hard sell on the daily special, but they are usually chosen each day because those ingredients have been sitting in the kitchen the longest.

The popular options are always the safest if you want fresh ingredients and quality food. So next time you waiter stares at you to try to convince you to order the salmon fillet, don’t fall for it. Chicken tenders all the way.