Perfect Happy Little Accidents That Would Make Bob Ross Blush

We’ll just paint this little bush here.

Step aside, Bob Ross. Everybody knows who you are, but there are awesome pieces of art that deserve to be recognized. Being an artist involves time, patience, and the ability to bring something meaningful to life. It’s not for self-satisfaction, but it’s to please the eyes of others. Ross did exactly that and became a phenomenon. Although, there are masterpieces that you have never seen before. The perfection of a perfectly broken plate would make Ross blush. Hopefully, the rest of these accidents can become real-life artwork one day.

Butter Face

Butter Face Art.jpg

It kind of looks like Pinocchio, with the big nose and what not. Not often does butter make faces like this. However, Bob Ross would scoff at something so simple. It’s too easy, dull and not very artistic. Now, if the butter had some color to it, Bob would be happy with that.