People Are Sharing Their Kids Irrational Tantrums As Just Another Example Of Why I’m Not Having Kids

Being a parent is tough.

You have to deal with your kids and try to control them when they’re going bonkers. With that comes the joyous wonders of being a parent. You get to raise someone you love on a daily basis. Although, kids aren’t perfect like adults. They’ll do anything to get out of doing some pretty simple tasks. Their specialty? Throwing a tantrum in front of mom and dad while out in public. Imagine if your kid had to lodge a silent protest to make a statement? These are just some of the reasons why I don’t plan on having kids in the future.

Personal Plunger

Personal Plunger.jpg

Kids sure do love toilets, especially this little one who appears to have a thing for the plunger. If you lose sight of your kid for a minute, there’s a good chance they’ll turn their back on you and run off on an adventure. The next thing you know, they’re running around the house trying to get the plunger off their face.