Hilarious Snapchats That Not Even The Flower Crown Filter Could Fix

Snapchat, Oh, Snapchat. The only form of social media that allows you to showcase the most controversial side of your life without fear of it being documented all over the internet. Oh, wait. Yeah nevermind, there’s this thing called “screenshotting” which apparently slips the mind of some people.

Let’s be honest, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use Snapchat. We’re thankful for the people who don’t use it the right way because of they pave the way for articles like this. Protip: don’t add your mom on Snapchat.

Paradise Is Subjective

even though my dog is blind.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_amypound

We can all learn a very important lesson from this picture. This dog is envisioning its paradise which involves lots of treats scattered around a big backyard with dog toys sprinkled in between.

This just shows that it’s all about our perception of life that makes a difference. We need to enjoy the little things, like, in this case, looking at the wall.