Here’s What The Cast Of Dirty Dancing Look Like Now!

Here’s What The Cast Of Dirty Dancing Look Like Now!

Who can remember the classic romantic film, Dirty Dancing? You know the one I’m talking about of course! Who can forget the iconic dancing scene between Johnny, played by the dreamy Patrick Swayz, and Baby, played by Jennifer Grey. The film was relatively low budget and I don’t suppose anyone could have guessed just how popular the movie would become! It’s been 30 years since the film was released, here’s what the cast look like nowadays!


Penny, Cynthia Rhodes

Penny was the blonde bombshell dance instructor, s best remembered in the film for getting pregnant and having an illegal abortion.

Her career started back in the 80s where she starred in Xanadu, later going on to appear in Flashdance as Tina Tech. Alongside acting, Rhodes starred in several music videos for the likes of Bee Gees, Toto and Richard Marx! She also toured with The Tubes in the early 80s.

Rhodes retired back in 1989, instead choosing to focus on family life with her then husband, Richard Marx, who she met on the set of Staying Alive. However, after 25 years of being together, the pair decided to get a divorce in 2014.


Lisa, Jane Brucker

Lisa played the role of Baby’s elder sister in the classic film.

Following on from her role in Dirty Dancing Brucker landed herself roles in several other films including Stealing Home, Doctor Doctor and Bloodhounds of Broadway. After this, she didn’t make any more film appearances.

She married her most recent husband, Raul Vega, in 2001 and currently lives in L.A with her family, working as a full-time mum!

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