Here’s What The Cast Of ‘The Addam’s Family’ Looks like 25 Years Later

Here’s What The Cast Of ‘The Addam’s Family’ Looks like 25 Years Later


The Addams Family movie hit the theater screens in the early 90s. It was a massive deal at the time, and many people were so excited by it.

Even today, it’s regarded as a cult classic.

Back in the 90s remakes weren’t as common as they are today. But thankfully, a whole new generation was hooked on the fun and creepy family.


It was a Hollywood blockbuster, and many of the stars, both young and established, went on to great things.

But what are the cast up to these days? Let’s find out!

Morticia — Anjelica Houston


She was already a big Hollywood name prior to being cast in The Addams Family, and thankfully she remains a big name after. Most recently, she can be seen on Amazon’s Transparent.

Pugsley — Jimmy Workman



Jimmy retired from Hollywood life in the early 2000’s. However, it’s clear from the photos that he still very much looks the part!

Wednesday Addams — Cristina Ricci


This wasn’t Ricci’s big break, but it certainly helped her become an iconic character in many people’s lives.  She’s made dozens of TV and movie appearances and starring roles since Addams Family.

Christopher Lloyd — Uncle Fester


He’s been a Hollywood icon since long before Addams Family, but he still managed to capture the creepy charm of Fester brilliantly. But he’ll still always be known as Doc Brown from Back to the Future.