Here’s What Your Birth Order Reveals About The Health Of You And Your Siblings

Here’s What Your Birth Order Reveals About The Health Of You And Your Siblings


Some aspects of our health are uncontrollable. We’re simply born into them.

For example, our hair color, eye color, and even certain genetic disorders can determine certain aspects of our health.

However, sometimes we grow into certain characteristics.

Or, that’s what we originally thought.

Scientists are now saying that we are all predisposed to fall into certain personality type. The determining factor for what characteristics we do or do not have? Our birth order.

We’ve all heard the cliches of the misunderstood and forgotten middle child or the attention-seeking youngest, but are those true? 

Feel free to let us know if these characteristics match up with you or your children.


First Child

It’s no surprise that first born children are natural leaders.


In fact, most of the Presidents of the United States have been first born children!

Older children tend to be more ambitious than their younger siblings, especially if they’re females with Type A personalities.

They’re less likely to take risks but have proven to be few IQ points higher than their other siblings.

What’s more, first-born children are often considered the “favorites” in their family. This can be a good and a bad thing, for multiple reasons.

Because of this pressure, the eldest child tends to develop self-critical tendencies and often have higher expectations placed on them.

In a health sense, first children tend to be more carefully shielded from germs than younger children. This often causes oldest kids to have more allergies and lower immune systems.

First-borns are also at high risk for high blood pressure. It’s believed to be caused by the mother’s placenta. This provides the fetus with nutrients, may not work as well in her first pregnancy, and this may have adverse effects on the fetus and its development.

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