Heartbroken People Share Stories Of How They Moved On From Their First Love

Heartbroken People Share Stories Of How They Moved On From Their First Love


First love is often the sweetest love.

Your first heartbreak is also the most painful.

Here are a few touching stories about how people moved on from their first love.


I’m old (50). My first love was 30 years ago. That’s a long time.

In short, yes: I got over her. I moved out west, fell in love with other women, lived with a few, played the field. She stayed in my mind for quite a few years, but as we both got on in life, she faded.

But I do remember one day, about 10 years ago, shopping at the mall. I walked past the fragrance section and BAM. It was HER scent. All these memories flooded back into my head. Laying beside her on a winter’s night. Watching hockey with her wacky mom. Laughing when her closet bar broke – again. Spending the weekend in the Poconos in the rain. It was a blast of fond nostalgia and I nearly stumbled from its impact.

We’re not in contact so that’s the last “contact” I had with her.

I can say this to young people: the broken heart hurts but the hurt does not last. You will be amazed at how broadly your life and your loves will replace that hurt. It’s like a pitcher of water into a small paper cup. Yet there will always be this standard of affection that was set by that first love. It can’t be replaced. Don’t forget it, but use it as a standard, a starting place. You will build on it. And what you build won’t seem as “pure” or “perfect” as that first one, but it will be stronger, more adaptable, and more satisfying.

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I think about her some times but I also remember a quote from Alexander Graham Bell:

“When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

Remember your past, learn from the experience, and follow the opening doors.



Two and a half weeks ago, she told me she cheated on me. During our (5 year) relationship, we were always very clear about this scenario: Cheating ends it all. However, once it had happened, I needed time to think. I realized fully that she was my first real love. I’m 23 and never felt anything like what I felt/feel for her.

However, this made me angrier when thinking what she had done. I felt like she ripped my heart out and stepped on it. I went to confront the guy, but he was a real piece of work. Yes, I wanted to bash his face in, but he was not worth it. I still do not understand why she chose him, it just didn’t seem right. Could have been that he was (at least to her) a very nice person, but at the moment I confronted him he just behaved like a jerk. (Story continues…)



Heartbroken People Share Stories Of How They Moved On From Their First Love

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