Heartbreaking Video Of Dog After She Realises Her Owners Aren’t Coming Back

Heartbreaking Video Of Dog After She Realises Her Owners Aren’t Coming Back


One of the few things that break my heart is when animals are left or abandoned by their owners.

Especially when that animal has been living with its owners for quite a while.

Understandably, if the owners have to move and they can’t bring their pet then I kind of understand their situation, even if it’s something I still wouldn’t do myself.

What most people fail to understand is that animals are really clever, and they understand when certain things are happening.

They even understand when you’re not coming back to get them, and it’s utterly heartbreaking.

A picture has recently gone viral, and for a good reason too.

This picture of a dog who had just realized her owners weren’t coming back for her.

Electra, a four-year-old pitbull, which was left at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, so she could be put up for adoption.

She was sent to the animal shelter on 18 May 2017.

But the look she gives when she realizes that her owners aren’t coming back is pretty hard to deal with. It’s very heartbreaking.

Animal rights advocate, Lolys Menchaka, shared the heartbreaking video on Facebook. It promptly went viral.

Of course, it quickly went viral.


As you can see, the distraught animal stares blankly into the camera, ears down, with an unending sad look on its face. It’s enough to make anyone burst into tears.

Maria Simpson wrote:

“Very sad. Some humans just don’t need animals at all, of any kind, as they are not worthy of the nobility nor the devotion of these beautiful creatures. I do hope someone rescues this poor baby.”

Tammy Collins Poole added:

“Look at the sadness and confusion on her heartbroken face. Her little tail wags to show she is friendly and then she sags as she realizes she’s been abandoned. One of the saddest videos I have ever seen.”

The sentiment was shared by Nina Capo who said:

“I judge. Yes, I do. There’s NO REASON to dump your pet unless you are dying and can’t care for them. Or, you are so destitute you cannot feed or care for them because you have no roof over your head. Then you re-home them.”

Danielle Wheeler summed it up by saying:

“You can’t tell me they aren’t like any other member of your family. A pack is a family and, as the owner, you are the leader of that pack. To surrender an animal is beyond cruel.

“We all remember that first heartbreak when we were teenagers. I imagine that this poor baby’s pain is like that but 100x magnified. The safety you feel when you found the other piece to you, only to have it ripped away as your left behind in a cold chain-linked cell. You can’t tell me they don’t feel that betrayal. I hope this poor baby finds the love and forever home it deserves.”

This story does have a happy ending.

Thankfully Electra was rehomed which I’m glad to hear. Hopefully, this family will give her a forever home. 

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