Former Students Reveal The Most Shocking Things They Discovered About Their Teachers

Former Students Reveal The Most Shocking Things They Discovered About Their Teachers


When you’re at school teachers always seem so weird.

We know they’re human, but they don’t seem it to us.

Back at school there use to be a lot of rumors about the teacher.


How the History teacher was dating the English teacher. Most of it was just playground gossip… Most of it.

Here are some of the most shocking things students discovered about their teachers.


I think I was in the fourth grade around 1971. It was my second year at the new school they had built just at the bottom of the hill from my family’s home. I was a terribly shy, terribly bookish little kid.

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Q. Everyone’s favorite teacher was Mrs.Q. She was tall, young, with dark hair, dark eyes and a deep tan. She touched the kids in a nice way, and we, the little boys, practically swooned.

And then, there was the rumor. None of us exactly believed it, but we had heard that Mrs. Q had posed for Playboy. But none of us took it seriously. It was just something we whispered to each other.

Then came the morning I walked to the bus stop to find my friends gathered around a magazine. They were transfixed by what they were looking at. I walked around to see what had captured their attention. I stopped breathing when I saw the pictures. There was dear Mrs. Q. Buck naked.

It was the first time I had ever seen a picture of a naked woman, and for God’s sake, it was Mrs. Q!

Of course, you couldn’t keep a secret like that under wraps. Sometime during the day, the Playboy ended up in the hands of none other than Mrs. Q. We were all slavishly devoted to her through the end of the year. But when we came back from Summer break, she was gone.

We had no idea what happened to her. Our parents seemed to know something, but they wouldn’t tell us. That was a different time. Teachers didn’t have morals clauses in their contracts. And we all assumed she just went on a a different school to take care of a different bunch of kids. Lucky them.



In seventh grade, there was one boy that our home room teacher hated. The kid was kind of a goof but never did anything really problematic until one day when he got mouthy with this teacher.

The teacher stood up in front of the classroom and told the class that he had to think of a good punishment for the kid. After a minute or two, he told the boy do go over to the corner and get on his hands and knees. (continued…)



Former Students Reveal The Most Shocking Things They Discovered About Their Teachers

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