Flabbergasted People Share Childhood Truth Bombs They Found Out About When They Were Adults

Flabbergasted People Share Childhood Truth Bombs They Found Out About When They Were Adults


We all believe silly thinks when we were children.

Like Santa, the Easter Bunny, or ghosts.

But sometimes, we believe these childhood ‘truths’ well into adulthood.

Here are a few hilarious thingsĀ people believed well into their childhood.


My mom used to turn the clocks forward when I had sleepovers at her house… She’d run in to change the clock from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm while we were distracted (this was before we all had cell phones) and we’d be amazed at how fast time had gone. We would stay up “really late” and then fall asleep, confident in our “coolness”. She actually got to go to sleep at a decent hour without making us all shut up six times in the middle of the night.

Now that I am older and value my sleep, I think she is a genius.

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My parents used to lock their door to their rooms sometimes. When a sibling or myself would knock on the door they would say, “You can’t come in, we’re talking about Christmas!” We would always get so excited thinking they were discussing our presents.

They told us the truth a few years ago and my siblings and I were flabbergasted! Since then, my dad occasionally sings Christmas songs to annoy us (his favorite is Jingle Bells). And now I associate Christmas with my parents having sex.



“The ice cream truck plays music when they are out of ice cream for the day.”



When I was a kid, my favorite cereal was Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries. If given the opportunity, I would eat nothing else. So for years my mother had me believing that they were only available during Christmas.

So about six years ago, I’m in the store with my ex and I see them. I explained how much I loved them as a child and we should get some. Then I realized it was July. I got really excited and even regressed a little I think. It was then gently explained to me that I’d been duped. I’m eating Crunch Berries right now though so all’s well that ends well I suppose.

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For years and years my Dad (single parent) would make grilled cheese for me by toasting bread and putting cheese on it. It was cool.

Years later, I discovered at one point while my Grandma was visiting, she attempted to make me grilled cheese the normal way (pan, butter, delicious-ness) but my Dad stopped her saying “No, then he’ll know that exists.”

Also, I was in Cub Scouts but only participated in local meetings, wondering why we never did camp outs or anything. Just thought it was something our troop didn’t do. Recently found out, there were camp outs, my Dad just thought they were all jerks so he didn’t let me go. Or tell me they existed.



I recently found out at age 20 that the zebra my aunt purchased for her farm when I was a kid did not in fact die from not being able to handle the environment of upstate New York. Rather, it was (Continued)



Flabbergasted People Share Childhood Truth Bombs They Found Out About When They Were Adults

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