Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted  By Boaters In Louisiana

Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted By Boaters In Louisiana


Not everything in nature is the same.

We often forget this because a lot of things in nature look similar, but that doesn’t mean it looks the same.

Take two leaves for example, while they both look similar they both have differences that make them stand apart from the other. No two things are the same. There will always be differences.

Nature is an incredible gift. It never fails to amaze me.

We’re surrounded by it all the time and yet we often chose to ignore it.

This is sad because the beauty of nature doesn’t happen over night. It takes years, decades, even centuries for it to become the way we see it.

Nature is even slowly changing itself as we speak. It’s truly remarkable!

Just when I think I’ve seen everything there is to see,  something will come out of nowhere and surprise me. If you ever have a particularly down day or lack in inspiration, I implore you to just take a walk and surround yourself with as much nature as possible.

It will do something to you.

For years a very rare and beautiful pink dolphin has roamed the waters of Louisiana, shocking onlookers with her very unique skin color.

It is widely known that dolphins have pink bellies, but completely pink bodies are very rare indeed.  Scientists theorize that pink dolphins have albinism, a genetic defect where their bodies do not produce the normal chemicals that pigment the skin grey.


Despite her skin color Pinkie is just like any other dolphin.

Until very very recently, nobody was able to confirm Pinkie’s gender.

Many assumed she was female because of her color.

Last year someone managed to finally get close enough to Pinkie during mating season…

Captain Erik Rue, the captain of a charter boat, captured snapshots of her swimming around Lake Charles, Lousiana.

Turns out she is a girl!

“I’ve taken a ton of pictures of her mating and it proved she’s a female,” he told ABC News. “I believe I’m first one who saw her and I know I’m the first one to take pictures of her.”

Now that we now her gender we just can’t wait for her to have babies, who knows, maybe we will be due some more pink dolphins!?

Watch the video here:

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