If You Ever Feel Stupid, These 15 Guys Will Make You Feel So Much Better

If You Ever Feel Stupid, These 15 Guys Will Make You Feel So Much Better


The saying goes, “stupid is as stupid does” and this is a phrase that certainly rings true. If you ever do anything stupid, don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not as bad as what these guys have done…

Seriously, you think you’ve done something stupid? Well, that’s nothing compared to these guys!

Take a look at these 15 guys who will make you feel totally better about anything stupid you’ve done in your life!

1. Connetcoot? Anyone been there?

That’s 50 shades of stupid… I’d say at least she tried, but clearly, she didn’t!

2.That’s so stupid!

That’s so dumb, why would it have that?!

3. Now this is BREAKING news

…Someone in the title department needs to be fired…

4. Pilot. Yep.

I bet it’s a conspiracy! Let’s go solve this mystery!

5. Casual Twerk in the fountain

Very classy ladies! Thankfully, they avoided doing this in holy water.

 6. Really? I thought it was good for you?

You don’t say? I thought it was meant to be a part of our nightly dental routine!

7. When you get your hair cuted

That’s some excellent use of past tents… Not!

8. Nigeria, Niagra Falls…same difference?


There is a sign of intelligent life in the world, it’s just not present on his status…

9. When you think about him 31/7

The fact that there are some people who don’t understand we sleep at night and early morning (typically) really worries me…

10. The V in GTA?

Some people are a special brand of stupid… It’s very worrying.

11. I don’t think a software update can make your mobile waterproof

Wow, it suddenly became waterproof? How did that happen? Did they download an app?

12. Never heard of that parade?

You should have asked Google that, it would have been less publically embarrassing for you…

13. Type quietly, please

Some people are just so stupid, it’s kind of funny…

14. 7 countries- really?

…I hope a child wrote this post. It would make it cuter, but something tells me a grown adult who should know better wrote this…

15. Somebody needs to go back to school

Aww, that’s one proud mom right there! You go kid!

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