This Is What It Looks Like When A Person Wears Elongating Neck Rings For Five Years

What’s your hobby? Some people are into things like knitting, while others enjoy fixing up old cars. Some people collect shoes and other collect baseball cards. We’re all different and that’s what’s great about the world! But every now and then, someone’s hobby or passion gets a little bit out of hand and crosses into the ”woah, too far” category. That’s just the case with Sydney Smith, who is called the “Giraffe Woman” by some. She got so carried away that she spent five years elongating her neck. You’re about to see what her passion did to her, physically and mentally.

How Sydney Began Her Journey

Photo Credit: Facebook / Sydney V. Smith the Giraffe Woman

They say a picture says a thousand words, but I feel there needs to be a little more context behind this. Sydney has long been a fan of giraffes, and at the age of 25, decided she wanted to pay tribute to her favorite thing in the world.

So, she did what any of us would do, and went about elongating her neck. It’s not an easy thing to do, and Sydney would soon find out how much the transformation process would take out of her.