These Shots Are In The Movie’s Trailer, But Not The Actual Film

Every so often, a movie’s final cut changes between the time the trailer was released and the time the movie was released. That means that some of the footage that filmmakers and editors used in the trailer never makes it into the movie.

Have you ever gone to a movie expecting to see a certain scene, but then before you know it, the credits are rolling and you haven’t seen Mr. Incredible struggle to put on his super suit yet? This list is full of moments like that. Keep reading to find out why that epic shot of Felicity Jones in Rogue One never made it past the teaser.

Hulk Wasn’t In Avengers Infinity War, But He Was in The Trailer


Photo Credit: Ethan_ML10 / Reddit

This whole scene isn’t in the movie. The big battle takes place in a massive field.

There’s a forest area fight, but it’s not a warzone type fight like this. There are no nameless fodder people— just the heroes vs. the bad guys. In an interview, the directors said that they intentionally filmed this scene just for the trailer as a misdirect.