These Beautiful Triplets Took A DNA Test And Couldn’t Believe The Results!

Meet the Dahm triplets. As you can expect, the beautiful ladies in this trio have had very interesting lives. To start, not many people can say they’re triplets, and even fewer can claim to be as lovely as the three of them are. But those unique experiences don’t even compare to the huge surprise they received when they took a DNA test as adults.

Read on to learn what it was that shocked them so deeply!

A Triple Threat Is Born

The Dahm triplets were born in December of 1977. The triplets are identical girls named Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn. The girls also have another sibling – a sister, no less. The Dahm trio are naturally occurring identical triplets which is quite rare. With multiple births, parents can also be under quite a bit of stress due to the possibility of complications. Undoubtedly the Dahm family felt extremely lucky when their three beautiful girls were born perfectly healthy — and not to mention stunningly beautiful. It was clear the girls would have outstanding good lucks from childhood on with their beautiful blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.