The Life Of Dolly Parton, The Queen Of Country Music

There’s only one Dolly Parton. The Queen of Nashville has performed since she was a young girl and her energy and talent still burn bright today. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame 20 years ago, claiming her place in music history early on. Dolly’s success is undeniable, topping the Billboard Country Charts and taking home Grammy Awards. But that hasn’t always been her life. No one achieves what Dolly has without some challenges that require some grit. She’s got it.

Dolly Is A Tennessee Native


Dolly Rebecca Parton was born January 19, 1946, in Sevierville, Tennessee. She was the fourth child out of 12. Her father was a construction worker and farmer and her mother stayed home and raised the children. Parton says her family was “dirt poor” and lived in a one-room cabin in a valley in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Parton grew within the church as her family lived in a large Pentecostal area. At just six years old, she started performing in church and got her first real guitar when she was eight years old, which her uncle gave to her.