Believe It: These Incredibly Enormous Animals Are Completely Real

World history contains plenty of examples of huge animals. Just look at the dinosaurs – some of them were so enormous it’s hard to believe they really existed. There are still large animals on earth, like elephants and blue whales. But what about animals with conditions like gigantism, which makes then abnormally large for their species? There are a few examples of these around, primarily on islands where they’re separated from mainland colonies. This means they have fewer natural predators and better access to food, enabling them to grow to enormous sizes. You won’t believe some of these huge critters!

The Three-Foot Long Coconut Crab

Coconut Crabs are the largest crabs in the world. They are a species of the hermit crab. They can weigh up to nine pounds and grow 3 feet 3 inches in length from leg-to-leg. They live on certain islands in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and as far away as the Gambier Islands. Their meals typically consist of fruits, nuts, and seeds, but they’ll eat carrion and other things as well. They do not eat coconut very often even though the fruit is associated with their name. They only climb when they want to escape and feel they are in danger. Seeing one of these scaling your wall would leave anyone in complete terror.