Employers Share The Strangest Reason Why They’ve Not Hired Someone

Employers Share The Strangest Reason Why They’ve Not Hired Someone


Getting a job these days is hard work.

Most people are constantly applying for jobs and struggling to survive on the bare minimum.

But, just because you sent off an off application doesn’t mean you get the job.

Here are some of the strangest reasons why employers refused to hire someone.


Was interviewing to fill 2 dozen positions in a week so had hundreds of short interviews planned. First day of interviews was pretty horrible, most were completely unqualified and it was not going well. In walks this young sharply dressed guy, fantastic resume, interview is going great and I’m about to offer him the supervisory role. Talk turns to compensation, and he excuses himself, I had thought to go to the restroom. Returns 30 seconds later with his mother! She proceeds to try to negotiate salary, benefits and vacation time, on his behalf. I was so stunned I just ended the interview and tossed his file in the trash.



The receptionist offered him a drink while he waited. When he came in, he talked for a good two or three minutes on how we should change our sodas to flavored water to keep our customers healthier. We have water and sparkling water if they opt for that. We are an office, not a restaurant, and I honestly don’t care if my customers drink pure grain alcohol out there as long as their checks clear.
His immediate criticism of a courtesy didn’t just rub me the wrong way, but told me he would let his personal beliefs or preferences get in the way of his objective. I was interviewing someone to get paid to champion my agenda, not their own.




Wouldn’t shut up about how amazing and special his daughter is during the interview, after he brought her up with no provocation. I get that she’s the most amazing little person in the world TO YOU but this has no bearing on your skills or what we need to be talking about. Then I told him that my staff is mostly female, and he asked if we were all on the same cycle.



At my old job, our online application form had (along with the resume and cover letter) questions about how the candidate exemplified our four “corporate values”, one of which was “openness”. Most people just left it blank.
One candidate explained how open he was thusly: “I am open about my contempt for meaningless corporate crap like this question.”
I really, really tried to get him in for an interview, but HR saw that response and refused to schedule it.



Showed up for the interview wearing flip flops with gnarly feet and gross toenails. Was wearing blue jeans that were three sizes too small (at least), muffin top with way too much skin showing over the waistband. A too small t-shirt she was about to fall out of, enormous hoop earrings and a really bad, dirty wig.
When I asked her why she left het last job she told me they wouldn’t let her have hour lunch breaks. I told her I won’t either and dismissed her.
This is someone who doesn’t want to work. Who does that?




Employers Share The Strangest Reason Why They’ve Not Hired Someone

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