Dreams Do Come True! This Hoodie Lets You Carry Your Cat Around With You!

Dreams Do Come True! This Hoodie Lets You Carry Your Cat Around With You!


We love our pets, and sometimes we can’t help but feel motherly love towards them. They are our little furry babies after all, and we can’t help but love them.

But it’s sometimes hard to give them the love, attention, and fuss they want because we have important stuff we need to do throughout the day. It’s very hard to snuggle our four legged friends while we’re working on our laptop, or if we have to quickly get up to do something. We would end up constantly disturbing them. And I don’t know about your cat, but I know my cat absolutely hates that!

There’s an unwritten law about cats. As soon as it falls asleep or sits on your lap, you’re not allowed to move or disturb it. Even if you have to visit the bathroom. While this often makes a situation rather awkward, it does mean your cat is happy, which is what’s important…

Most of us would love to have our cats beside us all the time, but it’s very impractical. Either we can’t get comfy while they are on our stomachs or they’ll slide off. Surely there’s a better way of bonding with your cats?

Well, a hoodie company in America have recently come up with the purrfect plan to snuggle up with your cats, and possibly even your small dog.

The hoodie is constructed like a kangaroo pouch. While it’s a pretty neat trick in itself, it also allows for quality cuddle time with your pets. It also means you can move around and it reduces how much you’re disturbing the cat. So what is this magical product, and where can I buy one?


This wonderful and pet-friendly product is called the Meowagroo! It’s a hoodie which contains a big comfy pouch on the front. It’s just the right size for any cat or small dog to snuggle up inside. Now you will never have to worry about disturbing your cat when you move!

You will never have to worry about your cat sliding off your belly, or being uncomfortable ever again! It’s the perfect hoodie for cat lovers.

The hoodie even has cat ears on the hood and cat paws on the sleeves.

Seriously, folks, this is something you should put on your Christmas lists, or possibly buy for your cat loving relative or friend.

The Meowagroo is available on Amazon. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it!