Is That A Dog Or A Lion? 16 Of The Biggest, Cutest Dogs On The Internet!

Is That A Dog Or A Lion? 16 Of The Biggest, Cutest Dogs On The Internet!


We, the people of the internet, love dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, short dogs, tall dogs, fluffy dogs, skinny dogs, dogs who are tiny enough to fit in handbags and dogs who are giant enough to be mistaken for horses. This article is dedicated to the last member of the list, the most giant of the giant pups who haven’t quite realised just how big they are yet. Prepare yourself, this post may be the fluffiest you’ve ever seen!

This dog’s so big that the groomer’s don’t know how to make him look like anything other than a lion.

Good luck hiding treats from this dog, with a dog this size, nowhere is safe!

I hope you didn’t clean your car recently, because a dog this size creates an unreal amount of drool.

Of course, the answer to having your big dog drool on your car is to transport them on your bike instead… if they’ll fit!

When you get to the point that you’re too big to get off the couch properly, it’s probably time to demand that your human brings your food to you!

Of course, you’re lucky if you’re small enough to even fit on the couch at all!

Oh, this big iron fence was meant to keep me in? I don’t think that’s gonna work, but we can have a nice chat over it!

What? I thought you wanted to stay in bed all day today!


Can you imagine the size of these paw prints? I’d be scared that there was a bear nearby!

This dog just wants a cuddle. A really, really big cuddle!

Nope, I’m 100% sure this is my bed. It’s the perfect size for my tail!

I really hope that that’s a kitten and not an adult sized cat. That puppy’s big enough already!

Not only is this a huge dog but it’s seriously happy about it! But I’ll bet when it’s tail wags it causes earthquakes!

This is actually a couch, the dog’s just so big he makes it look like an armchair!

If I get too big for the vets table I don’t have to go any more, right mom? Right? RIGHT?!

This lady could ride her dog into battle and nobody would know it wasn’t a noble steed. I mean, look at that pup, looks noble to me!

Was that not the biggest ball of cute you’ve ever seen? I must confess that I want to give these giant puppies a giant cuddle and run my hands through their fur. From now on, as far as dogs are concerned, I’m thinking the bigger the better! Well, as long as they don’t all try to pile up on me!



Is That A Dog Or A Lion? 16 Of The Biggest, Cutest Dogs On The Internet!

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