Customer Service Workers Share Hilarious Bad Customer Moments

Customer Service Workers Share Hilarious Bad Customer Moments


The customer is always right, right?


The customer is almost always wrong, and the customer is also frequently rude.

To anyone who hasn’t worked in the customer service industry, this idea may seem impossible, but if you have, you know it’s too true.

Here are a few horror stories from people who work in the customer service industry.


One of my favorite stories from my brief time in customer service was when a man who called up the night after a minor hurricane screaming that his service didn’t work, that he had complained multiple times and this was the last straw. Clearly our service sucked, and it was our fault his cable was out.

He kept cutting me off, and calling me rude names when finally I just interjected:

“Sir, your cable isn’t out because of an issue with our service, your cable is out because a tree branch fell across the cable line. What’s that? How do I know? Because you live at 78 Fakename road and I live at 75 Fakename road. I saw the branch fall. I’m the one who went out in the rain last night to get the branch out of the street. In fact, I know you know it’s a branch, because I could see you looking out your window at me moving the branch that fell on your property. Not only that, but when I was done I went inside and called into work on my day off to arrange a bucket truck to come out and rerun the cable so you could beat the rush of calls that came in all across the island due to the storm. You didn’t even have to call. A truck is already on route-Well, that shut him up”




A customer wanted to return a computer that was about a year old when I worked in retail. I asked him what was wrong.

‘It just don’t work.’

I powered it on, gets into the computer, connects to the wireless network, goes online. I open an application, everything seems to be working properly. I show it to him, ask him what’s wrong.

‘It just don’t work.’

I asked him what was actually wrong with the machine.

‘It just don’t work. Are you saying if a car don’t start, it works fine?’

At this point I had enough of the guy:

‘No sir, I’m saying if there was a car and everyone could start it except one person, I wouldn’t blame the car.



While visiting my family in Germany with my brother who did not grow up there and therefore did not know german. We went to a fast food place to order food during one of the days, as we get up I ordered in English since my brother would get jealous when I spoke German. Anyways, the cashier takes the order, as most Germans know basic English but when my brother tries to order it gets really complicated because of misunderstandings.

The teenage cashier becomes enraged the likes of which the world has never seen from a german and stars snarling off remarks in german on how ‘Americans are lazy jerks who couldn’t possible learn a second language if even needed’. Everyone is looking at this kid, all understanding them, but don’t say anything. As the kid finished, I calmly look at him and ask…(Continued)



Customer Service Workers Share Hilarious Bad Customer Moments

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