Couple Post Engagement Picture Online, But People Are More Curious About What’s In The Background

Couple Post Engagement Picture Online, But People Are More Curious About What’s In The Background


Usually, engagement photos are met with a lot of joy, laughter, and general merriment.

However, this incredible engagement photo proved to be the exception.

Recently, a young couple revealed a bit more than they originally intended to after announcing their very ‘special’ engagement in a Facebook photo.

The bride-to-be, Miranda Levy, shared the picture on her Facebook account.

In the photo, Miranda is seen flaunting a ring as she sits next to her fiancé. She wrote:

‘I am truly blessed today as the love of my life has asked me to marry him.’

There was just one problem. The photo also showed a used pregnancy test in the background.

 You’d think they’d try to hide it, but no. This newly engaged couple assumed their friends wouldn’t spot it. 

Unfortunately, they assumed wrong.

Their friends were quick to notice the pregnancy test in the photo.

This soon sparked a debate whether the test was real or just a joke.

One pal asked:

‘What, so you’re pregnant, too?’ 

In her post, Miranda mentioned that:

‘Words cannot express how happy I feel, and how lucky I am.’

According to Miranda, her fiance can’t get her a ‘real ring’ yet, but she stressed it’s ‘what’s on the inside that matters’.

This lead to one friend cracking a joke:

‘Well, I guess what’s on “the inside” really does matter.’

Miranda added that her friends should be on the look out for save the dates.:

‘I know that we will be happy together, regardless of material things.’

Miranda sweetly signed her post as ‘the future Mrs. Kelly’. 

The pair waited in anticipation over words of congratulations from pals, which is something most women do after announcing their marriage plans on social media.


Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for her.

Instead, she got a barrage of questions about the pregnancy test, and the unspoken news the couple would be sharing in the not-too-distant future.

Miranda’s father even commented on the photo.

He wrote:

‘Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused.’

His comment received 20 likes in less than 40 minutes.

Miranda responded to the comments asking about the test. Not understanding what they were asking and saying at first. Or at least pretending to understand it.


Miranda commented:

‘Wait… wtf [sic] are you guys talking about? Why would you think that?’

One minute later, it finally clicked what people were talking about and she responded once more.  

‘Oh. Hey guys, we’re having a baby too.’

It just goes to show what happens when you leave something ‘hidden’ in a photo on Facebook. 

People will soon notice it and the photo will go undoubtedly viral like it has done with this one.

Congratulations to Miranda on the engagement and the pregnancy!

Maybe next time she’ll learn to hide the pregnancy test before taking a photo.

Do you think this was a joke or was it real?

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