Clever People Reveal How They Outsmarted Phone Scammers

Clever People Reveal How They Outsmarted Phone Scammers


Personally speaking, I hate phone scammers.

Especially when they’re calling me at ridiculous hours of the day.

So, I like to waste their time and see how long I can keep them on the line for. That way they’re not scamming someone else who might fall for it.

Here are a few ingenious ways people have outsmarted scammers.


I was at my grandparents’ house one day when a man called and said “I am calling from the internet. You have a virus on your computer.”


It caught me off guard. “Where did you say you’re calling from?”

tenor (1)

“Sir, I am calling from The Internet.”

I was getting over laryngitis, so my voice sounded raspy. I guess he thought I was an old guy or something, and figured he could take advantage of me. I decided to play along. “So,” I asked, “how’s it going at The Internet?”

“We are doing fine, sir. The reason for my call is that you have a virus on your computer. Do you own a computer?”

“Why yes I do.”

“Okay, well I can help you remove the virus. First go to My Computer.”

“Where is YOUR computer?”

“No, ‘My Computer’. It’s an icon.”

“An icon? Like Frank Sinatra?”

“On the screen. It says ‘My Computer’ and has a picture of a computer.”

“My granddaughter’s picture is on the screen right now.”

I got bored after a while, so I told him it wasn’t working out over the phone. “I’m sorry son, I’m just going to have to bring it in so you can fix it. Where is your store located?”

“Sir, I’m calling from The Internet. We don’t have a store.”

“Well, I bought the computer from Best Buy. I’ll meet you there in about 45 minutes?”

“Sir, we don’t have a store.”

“Okay, I’ll see you there!”

He never called back.



Late afternoon, on my way back to my dorm, Pink Floyd in my ears when I saw this lady walking towards me, smiling. She was absolutely gorgeous, well dressed, and waving towards me.

Obviously I looked around, certain she couldn’t be waving at me. But she approached me and said “hello there.” (continued…)



Clever People Reveal How They Outsmarted Phone Scammers

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