If You Thought Harry Styles And Gonzo Looked Alike, These Pictures Prove That Harry Stole His Look

Celebrities seem to have an effortless way about them where they look fabulous all the time. While it must be nice to have a whole team making sure your image is picture-perfect, there are also a lot of celebrities that set the trends that we all flock to.

It turns out Harry Styles IS NOT actually one of those trendsetters, because he’s been stealing Gonzo’s look this whole time! If you’re not familiar with the fashionable Muppet, take a quick look at how his outfits stack up to Harry’s.

An Old Classic

Photo Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

You can’t go wrong with a classic, traditional black and white suit. Harry’s take on the classic tuxedo is a little more casual, while Gonzo’s pulled out all the stops. He’s even sporting a fancy bowtie.

These boys both look fantastic. I actually can’t decide who wore it better.

Hot Tamales

Photo Credit: @iHeartRadio / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

We’ve already established that yellow is a good color for Gonzo and Harry. I love Harry’s yellow suit. It’s classy and edgy at the same time. It doesn’t have chilli peppers on it, though.

Again, Gonzo has proven that he’s the king of mixing patterns. Both of these looks are top notch.

Real Men Wear Pink

Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Harry Styles may not be a daredevil, but he’s definitely an entertainer. Both Harry and Gonzo can rock a pink look. Of course, Gonzo saves his pink bodysuit for the stage. On the streets, he’s a classy Muppet, and on the stage, he’s a flashy stuntman.

Harry’s figured out how to make pink classy.

Always Leather, Whatever The Weather

Photo Credit: @HStylesCollege / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

It’s no surprise to me that both Gonzo and Harry Styles look great in a leather jacket. Also, I think it’s probably the same leather jacket.

I think I prefer Gonzo’s loud collar to Harry’s hoodie poking out from under his jacket, but both boys know how to rock this staple wardrobe piece.

A Bold Statement

Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/WireImage & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Gonzo definitely knows how to rock a red suit. He’s added a daisy boutonnière and a white dress shirt to his ensemble. Harry’s gone for a black dress shirt, which adds a bit of a Johnny Cash vibe to this Gonzo classic.

Both of these looks are great, but in this case, I think Harry wore it better.

Pattern Is The Spice Of Life

Photo Credit: @Kaitiii / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

oth Harry and Gonzo love a patterned suit. In this case, Harry’s is a bit more over the top (or OTT, as the millennials like to say). I love how Harry and Gonzo are striking the same pose in these pictures.

It’s like they both know that you have to look a little bit gloomy to pull off a look this loud.

Our Golden Boys

Photo Credit: @StylinsonDaily / Twitter

Gonzo and Harry Styles are both a vision in gold. These boys look like a million bucks. It’s absolutely crazy to me that both Gonzo and Harry have pink flowers on their gold suits.

Harry is getting his style inspo straight from the muppet source, and I am living for it.

A Floral Fantasy

Photo Credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Everybody knows that Harry Styles likes to rock a floral. Usually Gonzo is more into his gingham, but every now and again he wears the heck out of a gorgeous floral.

Obviously, Harry and Gonzo enjoy a similar color palette. Gonzo did it first, but actually, in this case, I think Harry did it better.

Black And White And Stylish All Over

Photo Credit: @stylesscrabble / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Take a look at how style icons Harry Styles and Gonzo the Great do a black and white checkered suit. Harry’s gone for a houndstooth pattern, and Gonzo is a vision in gingham, but they both look amazing.

I think, in this case, Gonzo wore it better. He’s added a pop of color, and he’s mixing patterns. Who knew peppers and grapefruits went so well together? That hat is divine, and Camilla the Chicken is excellent arm candy.

Yellow, It’s Me…

Photo Credit: @donnyskatelouis / Twitter & @GozotheGreat / Twitter

Gonzo and Harry can both rock a yellow suit. Gonzo’s mustard gingham number is oh so Gonzo, and Harry’s electric yellow houndstooth two-piece is oh so Styles.

Harry’s look was obviously inspired by Gonzo’s, but he’s put his own spin on it. He’s made it his own.

Lovely In Lavender

Photo Credit: @eleanorbate / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Harry and Gonzo both look absolutely divine in these photos. Harry’s gone for a more cool toned lavender, and Gonzo’s lavender suit is a bit warmer, but they both look stunning.

Do you think that the pig Harry is carrying is a little nod to Miss Piggy?

The Importance Of Accessorizing

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Harry and Gonzo both know how to jazz up a simple outfit with some cool accessories. They’ve both added interest to a neutral shirt with a tan-colored hat. Which hat do you like better?

They both added some pizzazz to their necklines— Harry with a combined cross and star of David necklace, and Gonzo with a plaid necktie.

They’re Feeling Blue

Photo Credit: @99emleonen / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Gingham is usually Gonzo’s thing, but in this case, Harry has interpreted Gonzo’s look quite literally. Gingham never goes out of style. It was popular when Gonzo wore it, and it’s still popular now.

Harry has definitely taken style cues from the right Muppet. The Great Gonzo always knows what’s up.

A Suit For Every Occasion

Photo Credit: @eleanorbate / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Whether you’re carrying a baby lamb on your shoulders or being lifted into the air by a bunch of balloons, you have to dress the part.

They say you should dress for the job you want, but when the job you have is this cool, you should probably just embrace it.

Diamonds Are A Muppet’s Best Friend

Photo Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images / @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

It’s no secret that Gonzo loves his argyle. He often wears a black and white argyle sweater vest, and, on occasion, a brightly colored argyle dress shirt.

Although Harry’s not wearing argyle in its purest form in this picture, he’s done his own take on a diamond pattern.

In A Purple Haze

Photo Credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Harry and Gonzo look like kings in royal purple. Kings of music, that is. Who knew that Gonzo the Great was so great on the horn?

Harry’s purple suit definitely has more visual interest, but Gonzo’s really brings out the color of his fur. I think this one is a tie.

A Pop Of Color

Photo Credit: JJ/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

In this case, Gonzo and Harry have both gone for a classic black suit jacket. They’ve also both added a pop of red. I don’t think there’s any competition here. Gonzo’s got this one hands down.

Look at that hat, that sophistication. This is how you do red right.

I’m A Joker, I’m A Smoker

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

What’s better than Harry in a red harlequin “joker” suit, and Gonzo in a shiny red smoking jacket? These looks are more analogous than they are identical, but they’re both gorgeous nonetheless.

I really can’t tell who wore it better. Let’s call this one a draw.

Again With The Shiny Red

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

Normally, Gonzo has this fashion thing all figured out. I don’t hate this shiny red suit, but it’s not as fitted as I would like it to be, and the white accents are a little to Christmassy for my liking.

Harry’s suit is Christmassy in a good way. He definitely wins this round.

Sometimes, You Just Have To Go Shirtless

Photo Credit: @1DsVocal / Twitter & @GonzotheGreat / Twitter

What would a Harry Styles article be without a shirtless picture? I expected Harry to look fabulous half-naked, but Gonzo? That guy surprised me.

Gonzo’s got it going on. Sometimes no clothes are the best clothes. Congrats, Harry and Gonzo. You guys are as stylish as they come.