Cat-Sitter Shares The Note The Owners Left Her, It’s Hilarious

Cat-Sitter Shares The Note The Owners Left Her, It’s Hilarious


Pet sitting is always a fun business.

For me, it’s reminiscent of when you were a child and your ‘cool’ relative would come to visit and look after you.

But one the things about looking after other people’s animals, is the fact that you’re less familiar with the animals personailties and seperate needs and sensiblities. No two animals are the same.

So to help in this situation, most pet owners will leave a note and some instructions for their pet sitter.

This is exactly what happened to Amanda when she went to look after her friends cats.

But the helpful note wasn’t like any other. It was rather hilarious.

When you’re cat-sitting, it’s important to remember a lot more than what the cats look like. According to the international cat expert Maria Atkins, acting calm around new cats and giving them as much time as they need to feel comfortable around you is important.

Cats rely heavily on scent, so it’ll  a while for them to get used to your scent, especially if it’s your first time in their home.


Here is the hilarious list Amanda was left behind. We know you’ll find it hilarious!

The Cats:

Here is your key for the cats:

Samson: All gray. The most handsome cat you’ve ever seen. Looks like the cat was drawn by a Disney animator.

Dobby: All black. No tail. Looks like a cat that was drawn by a person who has a vague idea of what cats look like but in reality has never seen one.

Dixie: Calico. Looks like she would speak with a squeaky voice. Very short. Will use her nails to love you.

Wilson: Gray and white. Obese. Still adorable. Looks like Tony Soprano. Probably the mob boss.

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