A Cat That Was Saved And Raised By A Husky Now Thinks It’s A Dog

A Cat That Was Saved And Raised By A Husky Now Thinks It’s A Dog


This tiny kitty was on the verge of death when it was rescued by a family. Even then, they weren’t expecting little Rosie to make it through the night. That’s when they decided to hand her over to their pet husky dog, Lilo, who immediately began to cuddle the kitten along with her other pups as if she was her own.

A few weeks went by and with Lilo’s constant love and attention, Rosie grew up to be a healthy and happy cat. However, she doesn’t quite act like a cat. In fact, she appears to behave as if she’s a husky dog herself! All of her time is spent with her husky family and these photos will melt your heart.

She’s definitely very happy to be with her new family and looks grateful to have this new lease on life. Now, she’s part of the pack!

Take a look for yourself!

Made a trip to see the lake! It was so cold, but the scenery was AMAZING😍 #liloandrosie

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She sits comfortably alongside the others dogs without a care in the world.

Her owners even dress her up like one of the huskies and she’s in dog heaven!

They go shopping together.

They hang outside together.

They eat together.

It’s clear that’s there’s plenty of love to go around in this family.

Love the matching outfits!

Picking Lilo up from daycare!🚗 #liloandrosie

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This kitty even gets to go on walks with her husky family.

They spend all their time together.


The dogs love her very much and there’s no where else she’d rather be.

Perfecting the art of "sit" and "stay". Except Rosie has no idea and this was just a lucky shot.😂📷 Jokes aside, thank you so much for 82k!😱 With the addition of so many new followers, we'd like to mention a few things about our family. We are 3 sisters, college students, who take care of 2 huskies, 4 cats, 2 rabbits and a fish. We also foster frequently and rehome after rehabbing and fixing them (all from our own pocket). Other than school and work, any and all free time revolves around our animals. The training, care, and dedication it takes is immense, but is self rewarding. Lastly, we reside in sunny California, where we are fortunate enough to go on many adventures, including hiking, beaches, lakes, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, and urban mushing (for the dogs). Lilo and Infinity's brother @huskymiko lives down the street and also enjoys many adventures with us! If you guys had any other questions, please leave a comment below! We read every single comment and would love to respond to every one, but it all amounts to the same: Thank You!! For following us and being our basis of support! Love from our family to yours!😘😘 #liloandrosie

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She even stands watch with them outside the home.

How cute is Rosie in her Stitch costume?😂👻 #liloandrosie #HOWLoween

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Another great outfit. Hopefully this one doesn’t confuse her too much!

She’s not shy around her husky family.

The most perfect pack I've ever seen😍❤️ Don't worry guys, the tiny husky on the right is still growing..😂

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Funny how she just enjoys being with them all so much.

In every part of the house, she can be found with one or all of them.

She looks so safe and happy. Cute!

Isn’t Lilo and her adorable Husky pals so cute?

They’re honestly so sweet, it’s turning my heart to mush.

I’m so glad Lilo has found a good forever home where she will be safe, warm, and most importantly, loved.

It’s so nice to see a friendship between unlikely people and animals.

It just goes to show you that nothing is as it seems, and the world doesn’t work in the way we once thought.

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