Bully Tells Mom To ‘Muzzle That Bratty Kid’, Mom Responds With A Brilliant Answer

Bully Tells Mom To ‘Muzzle That Bratty Kid’, Mom Responds With A Brilliant Answer


No one will have your back like your family. In this case, Kristen Jackowski is standing up for her 6 year old daughter Navy. Kristen has received numerous rude comments from complete strangers about Navy’s behaviour.

Thing usually tend to get rather heated at the checkout line. Navy usually gets over excited by the selection of sweets at the check out, and this does occasionally lead to naughty behaviour. As much as Navy wants the candy, Kristen always stays determined never to give into her demands, as it is too much sugar for a girl her age.


Many people just see a young girl throwing a fit over a packet of candy, or having a tantrum because she’s not getting what she wants. What they don’t understand is that Navy suffers from Autism and doesn’t quite understand why this behaviour is not acceptable at a supermarket checkout.

‘Sometimes parents, or other customers, or other employees at this point will make comments like, “Just give her the candy already,” someone said to me before, “Put a muzzle on that bratty kid,”‘ according to Kristen these are just some of the comments she faces whenever one of Navy gets overexcited by the candy section.  Kristen wants people to understand there is a difference between a meltdown and a tantrum when it comes to children with Autism.


Kristen has come up with an amazing idea that will certainly help Navy, and other children who suffer from Autism. Kristen came up with the idea of sensory aisles, where small toys are on the shelves instead of sweets. It’s an excellent way to reward good behaviour and it won’t break the bank either. She is hoping that Target will take on her idea, as the supermarket chain is very accommodating to the needs of it’s customers.


Kristen has set up a petition, and she only needs 874 more signatures to reach her goal of 2,500. She’s doing an amazing job. If you’re interested in signing the petition then just click here.


Kristen is very passionate about helping her daughter, and other children with Autism. ‘I would like to encourage large retailers, specifically Target to add sensory friendly checkout lanes in their retail stores. This would go a long way in creating an accepting environment for children that experience sensory overload issues by check out time after a shopping trip in your stores.’


Her local Target store are in love with the idea, however they need to introduce the idea to headquarters. But ShopRite has already introduced a sensory aisle in their store, and it looks amazing!


It’s an incredible idea that is bound to help Autistic children and their parents when they’re out shopping.




Bully Tells Mom To ‘Muzzle That Bratty Kid’, Mom Responds With A Brilliant Answer

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